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See 7 Features Of A Real Gentleman

“Hmm, if you don’t do this or that towards satisfying her desire, then you’re not a “Gentleman”. How delusional!”See 7 Features Of A Real Gentleman

The rhetorical question then is, “Are you a Gentleman” from our Ladies’ standpoint?

The compound word “Gentleman” has been soiled and spoiled by most ladies, especially ours.

Now, from their view, as implanted into most of them, from an early age, perhaps; A gentleman is a guy who:

1. Willingly Fall For Their “Friendzone” Trap

Have you ever been friend zoned before? It’s a scalar quantity, guy. You’re deluded because you think something might still happen when nothing is ever gonna happen. Why? She sees you as a Gentleman. A friend. A brother. Accepting this seat, makes you look like a Perfect Gentleman to her.

2. Lets Her Play A ‘Free Rolec Concerning His Money

Haha! Her main and first definition for a Gentle man is the guy who let’s her control his ‘world bank’. Some will be forming what I don’t understand here on NL but…I tell you, you are not a complete gentleman until you make her No. 10 of your wallet. Forget theories.

3. Stands For them to sit in a fixed situation

Whether in a bus or an eatery, stand for her to sit and in her mind, “this guy is such a gentleman”. Don’t think that’s enough green card o. Visit No. 2 for more details.

4. Who doesn’t tell them the truth

Why did Eve believe Satan, Father of lies? There is something about most ladies: they love to lied to. Tell them the truth: You’re so immature, insensitive and inexperienced. Lie to them: He may be a jerk at times but he’s kinda sweet and a perfect Gentleman. :p

5. Who loves the errand boy position.

This reminds me of Uni; so many errand boys. She needs to charge her phone, you put on your gen. Her assignment, it’s you she falls on. And ladies like such guys! To her, he is such a Gentleman. A good guy too. Not like these rough guys, she said. It’s good to just keep him as a good friend. As they said, “Keep him close under close scrutiny”. You need one of such Errand Boys around.

6. Who gives and doesn’t expect in return

Don’t crucify me saying, “Must guys expect something in return after doing something nice?” No, I don’t BUT we are not all the same. Most guys know the truly sincere girls and won’t really expect. For the few rest, he sees her opening her legs for little gifts and maybe, as a ‘good neighbour’, he’s been helping her with bigger, more expensive gifts. Hate it or like it, he maybe tempted to expect a ‘return’.
Solution: If you’re serious, Avoid scenarios that warrant such situations. What you don’t have, you don’t need. Hurry to ask a guy you’re not friends with is asking him for “Two things”.Taking things from a guy you barely trust or know and EXPECTING he’ll be a Gentleman in return is an EXPENSIVE JOKE, plain childishness and irresponsibility on your part.

7. Swallows their suggestions hook, line and sinker.

I’ve met a handful of girls who get cranky when there is kinda a “heated” misunderstanding that needs logical explanation. Well, married couples argue, how much singles. She doesn’t like you reasoning out her opinions FOR the reason that she’s H0t-tempered and lack enough reasons venturing into such deals. All you’re there for is to help o. But, refusing to swallow blindly and choosing to be logical excludes your name from the list of Gentlemen. Hmm!

With all these, can you call yourself a Gentleman?
Ladies could open up who they really term a “Gentleman”.

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