#Shiloh2017: A New Dawn – Day 4 Sermon (Full Text Message)

Shiloh 2017 (A New Dawn) Day 4 Sermon (Full Text Message) // Evening Session // 

Ministering: Dr David Oyedepo

Most of the time we are set to be taught, we are not positioned to be imparted. // Mathew 10:8

Understanding is very crucial in our work with God.. 

Message: Unlocking Our New Dawn Heritage In Christ (4)

 // 2 Corinthians 5:7 // Proverbs 4:19 // Romans 3:24 // Lamentations 3:23 // Luke 8:22-25 // It takes Faith to Cross to the Other Side. 

It took faith for Abraham to cross from destiny to prosperity…  // Hebrews 11:19 // Genesis 22:18 // Faith is an ever overcoming force.

The Force of Supernatural Faith in your Quest on Operating in New Dawn 

1 Corinthians  16:9 // Ephesians 6:16 // You need the fiery force of faith to squash every adversaries.

There is always a demonic resistance on your way to the other side. 

There is no way you will not be threatened out of your promise land so you need the endowment of faith for supernatural blessings.

When your heart stops pumping you stop living, when your faith stops pumping you become a victim.

Habkuk 2:4 // faith is a personal asset that must be personally assessed/harvested and passionately protected.

Faith is a product of your spiritual understanding of the truth. // Romans 1:17 // Faith has unlimited capacity for growth.

2 Thessalonians 1:3 // faith is a growing spiritual virtue, we must learn how to grow it so we can keep crossing to the other side. 

Romans 12:3 // Luke 19:13 // 

You faith won’t grow on its own just like your physical muscles won’t.

Your faith will grow by making appropriate investment s towards growing it.

Mark 4:40 // Mathew 15:28 // if you don’t work on your faith, it will soon stop working. // Jude 1:20 // 

Your prayer is answered according to your faith, no matter how hard you pray…. Everything is according to your faith… 

There is no way God can intervene above your faith // Mark 6:6

You need great faith to see the great act of God…  // 2 Peter 3:8

Build up your faith and keep your destiny open.. // Faith is not a risk, it is your access to your rights. // Hebrews 11:29 // You develop your self to a point that what the world calls a risk is your high way to your rights.. 

James 1:5-7, faith is not Risk, it is the Highway to my Rights. YOU NEED TO DEVELOP YOUR FAITH ABOVE THE RISK MENTALITY REALM. 

Psalm 91:11-12 // Mark 9:23 // John 14:12 // John 6:27-28

Our faith has capacity to grow to Jesus’ // Ephesians 4:12-13

That you have the right in Christ to develop your faith to the stature and the fullness of the measure of Christ, operating in the realm of faith, we have a lot of work to do on our faith. 

2 Timothy 2:13 // Build your faith, your future lies in your faith.

Supernatural Faith is the Spirit of Faith // Jude 1:3 // 2 Corinthians 4:13 // Luke 1:17 // Psalm 145:4-5 // Mathew 10:8 // 
What does it take to build your faith?

(Faith is a spiritual virtue that requires spiritual investment to grow. // Romans 7:7 // Galatians 6:8)

1. Engage in deligent Study of the Word to the point of understanding // Romans 10:17 // it is what you understand from the word that steers faith in you.

2. Engage Your Spirit in the Search // Luke 15:7-8 // Proverbs 20:27 // The truth is beyond the intellectual realm, engage the Spirit // Isaiah 26:9 // 1 Corinthians 2:13 // Romans 8:16 // 

3. Covet the Gift of Wisdom and Revelation // Ephesians 1:8 // 

4. Engage in Prayer and Fasting in a Search when You are not Finding // 2 Corinthians 4:4 // Isaiah 58:6,8,10 // Daniel 11:32 // 

5. Engage in a Lifestyle if Thanksgiving and Praise // Psalm 16:11 // Psalm 100:4 // You gain Access to His Pretense through Thanksgiving Praise and Worship…
Deuteronomy 2:3 // Only those who follow the steps of a giant emerge next, every step of a giant is a long jump. 

// Hebrews 1:3 // Go Search Fasting, the Moment He Delivers a Truth, He Has Sent a Seed for Your Triumph // 

It is the Word You Find that Defines the Realm of Faith You Operate.

Faith is a required natural risk to cross to the other side. 

1 Corinthians 15:52
Transcribed by Akonedo Jeffrey

ICT Unit, 

YAF Uwasota, Edo State

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