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Mpmania Mix 39

The Top 10 Reasons To Stop Watching P0rnography TODAY

We are very passionate about the fact that P0rn literally ruins most men’s lives in this generation. There are too many reasons to list to stop watching P0rn, but here are the top ten.

**Note: We’re not religious. We don’t judge. We’ve been avid P0rn fans for most of our lives. But we just know the benefit of living a life without it and want you to experience it too.

1) “Real men” don’t watch P0rn

Yes I know he is not a “real man,” but do you think the character James Bond was watching P0rn in between killing bad guys and slaying gorgeous women. Do you think George Clooney and Brad Pitt were spending hours streaming P0rn in their trailers on the set on Ocean’s 13. There’s not a chance.

Guys who live lives that you envy, get girls you want, and carry themselves like you should, don’t waste their time jerking off to internet P0rn. They are ambitious. They approach women and are smooth when they do so.

You can be like this, or you can be a man who huddles up around his laptop and pathetically pleasures himself. The choice is yours.

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