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The Top 10 World’s Smartest People in History

The Top 10 World’s Smartest People in History |

History doesn’t grade your smartness on the number of questions you did in Math class. Albert Einstein was kicked out of the class more than once because his teachers thought he was dumb. Newton appeared to have learning disabilities and the teachers recommended special school for him. Tom Cruise, the handsome Hollywood actor had learning disabilities and yet these people created a mark in their industry. They are an emblem of what they do. Scientific achievements today rely on the fundamental principles described or discovered by Newton and Einstein- the latter being the most celebrated scientist to date.

Below is a compilation of ten such smartest people in history, who would leave you in a state of inspiration as well as awe. Let this list motivate you!

10. Alexander the Great

Smartest People in History
He was a man that led to thousands of deaths in his quest to conquer Russia, then why would he be “great” and “smart”? The defining moment of his intelligence and smartness was the trust of his father who bestowed the kingship of Macedonia on Alexander’s shoulders when he was only 16. He ruled most of Asia by the time he dies due to Malaria– a parasitic infection spread by Anopheles mosquitoes, that owed maximum number of deaths each year.

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