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Tiger | thetoptens

The tiger is the largest cat species, most recognizable for their pattern of dark vertical stripes on reddish-orange fur with a lighter underside.


  • I’ve just seen a video of different animal fights and their violence is unbelievable. Animals fight for their lives and only then would you see their real power. Tigers are rarely attacked hence you rarely see them fight with all of their strength. When little animals get hurt they become two times faster and more fierce, something you can rarely see in lions and tigers also because of their courage. Same thing applies to other large animals. But, taken all into account, speed, stamina, prowess, ability in general, tiger takes the top. It beat lions almost always and lions beat crocodiles and rhinos… Other comparison is only imaginary because lions do not meet bears and so on.
  • In most fights the tiger ran away from a lion as tiger was scared.
  • This is 100% true that tiger are the strongest. I don’t exactly know whether they can beat elephants and rhinos. There are some people who are using abusive language and telling that this information is fake and lions can beat tiger please do some research and then open your mouth. Tigers have an upper hand in every physical attributes over lions, tiger have even larger brain size and are smarter than lions. And as far as lions mane is concerned it helps lions but its not that effective against tigers brute strength if you do not believe me Google its or search in YouTube you would find it out yourself.
  • I guess tiger has been placed first because Bengal tigers are known to take down bull elephants all alone.
    But there never have been cases where elephant killed tiger.
    Lions shouldn’t be mentioned here. They do not succeed in taking down elephants even in prides.
    I know that African elephants are larger than Asiatic ones, but hey, those lions are in prides with no less than 12 girls. I have seen biologists say that elephants there wipe out entire lion prides. (By wipe out, I don’t mean kill always. Some are killed, others chased away).
    Tigers make lions look like pussy cats.M
  • Tigers are the strongest and bravest. These animals hunt alone and can kill bears, moose gaurs buffalos and baby elephants and rhinos and very large animals. They can weight 670 pounds and can be 10 feet long with a 1,100 pound bite force. Also they’re were reports in India in 1960 that a bengal tiger killed a asistic lion.


Elephant | thetoptens

Elephants are large mammals of the family Elephantidae and the order Proboscidea. Two species are traditionally recognized, the African elephant and the Asian elephant, although some evidence suggests that African bush elephants and African forest elephants are separate species.

  • Think, people! Elephants weigh tons and can uproot trees, turn over SUVs, and destroy all other animals on this list! The elephant is also smarter than every other creature here except maybe a gorilla, and even a gorilla could get destroyed by an elephant. Turn over to mythical creatures and you will see that even a phoenix or pegasus would get defeated by a really strong elephant. Unicorns would probably come close. So would serpopards or minotaurs. Many dragons and sea serpents would meet their fates at the hands of an elephant. Ganesha himself received most of his glory from elephants. According to the top rank, a crocodile can almost beat up a great white shark. Well, then, why isn’t the great white ahead of it? Elephants could crush almost all living things that ever existed, living, extinct, and mythological. Maybe there will be a creature that is to come that can destroy an elephant. But in all stories ever told, besides holy creatures and beings, humans, elves, properly equipped dwarves, some and maybe the strongest dragons and tigers could destroy the great elephants. When the Romans destroyed Carthage of Libya, Hannibal, a general from Carthage, rode upon an army of elephants on the northern border of Rome. Even with catapults and brilliant strategists, Rome was unable to destroy it. Find another creature that can defeat the greatest empire that ever existed! Let’s see, elephants are in fourth place. Gorillas in third. Isn’t an elephant smarter than a gorilla? Maybe not, but can a gorilla uproot a tree and fling it a hundred feet away? No!
  • Go on YouTube and watch all the different “animal vs animal” match you can conjure up and find me one where a Lion, Tiger, Bear, Croc, Snake, etc even ATTEMPTS to fight a fully grown bull elephant. The only videos you’ll find is the elephant owning anything with the balls to take it on. There are tons of evidence that tigers and lions get owned by rhinos, hippos, and elephants and the best match you’ll find is between #2 and #3 which is the rhino and hippo. Those two guys own anything outside of elephants and as I say there is pure objectivity in this statement. Tons of video evidence. The dozen or so videos of either of these guys coming into conflict with the big E though always ends with them getting bruised egos. I have an interest in watching these animals in the wild hunt and fight each other and I have yet to find an instance where anything had the gumption to attack a healthy fully grown elephant and do any kind of damage to it. To put things into perspective go to YouTube and watch the BABY ELEPHANT totally thrash a pride of 14 lions by itself! This is no contest ladies and gents trust me. If the elephant stays out of the ocean he is the GOD of the animal kingdom.
  • Elephant weighs over 6000kg and can carry more than 9000kg. As for crocodile killing a great white shark that would never happen a crocodile would never meet a great white in the ocean. Please note leopards lions have been observed killing crocodiles. Crocodiles isn’t the number one not by along shot.M 17
  • Elephant can beat every animal on this list.


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