What You Need to Know About Automatic Passenger Counting

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(APC) is a machine that counts the number of passengers disembarking and boarding public vehicles like taxis or buses. Normally, this information is relayed in real-time to a central location at the fleet management offices or a handheld gadget used by operators and managers. Numerous reports have shown this technology to be very effective in modern fleet management. If you are in this business, here is all that you should know concerning APC devices.

How Does It Work?

There are two primary technologies that apply on the APC: infrared and video transmission or CCTV. The infrared has invisible sensor beams of light that are not seen by passengers. They can sense and screen the passengers as they board or leave the vehicle. This is placed at the door of the vehicle. This information is then relayed in real time to a command centre or office, which is normally monitored by fleet personnel.

On the other hand, video transmission technology records the traffic of passengers throughout the vehicle movement. It records the numbers and movements of passengers into and out of the vehicle. This is also relayed to the command centre. They can make replays when need be. Fleet owners who need this device should visit the Eyeride website to buy one.


  •         Real-time passenger counting – The ability for the system to relay data in real-time enables fleet owners and managers to accurately record the traffic of passengers. It is normally referred to as ridership. Compared to manual counting, this is more accurate, time-saving, and cost-effective in the long run.
  •         Video transmission – Using video transmission from the APC provides not only data, but visual evidence of vehicle whereabouts and individual ridership. With improved video technology, visual identification of passengers is enhanced to eliminate double-counting and fraud in the business.
  •         Route data – With improved technology, the APC system does not only provide real-time information but can also give mapping and tracking information. This helps fleet owners to tell where their vehicles are at any given time and can recommend quicker alternatives for road use that could be used by the drivers in case of inconveniences.
  •         Data analysis – An automatic passenger counting system would be an incomplete technology without the ability to generate useful reports that show trends in fleet operations. It should offer records for analysis of the peak and off-peak hours and times over seasons. This allows fleet owners to work within a proper schedule to maximize their earnings and reduce costs.


Though the automatic passenger counting may be expensive as far as the initial cost of acquiring and installation, it does not only increase profit margins on subsequent use but also gives data that is useful for planning purposes to the fleet owners and managers. The cost of operations reduces gradually and effectively as useful data on ridership and performance of the fleet is gathered and used in operations. All fleet owners should consider acquiring this system for smoother operations of their fleet business.


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