Never Tolerate Any of These 8 Things In A Relationship

You Should Never Tolerate Any of These 8 Things In A Relationship

“In relationships and in love, we forget to realise our worth. Sometimes we fall too hard for someone and we want them to fall for us equally hard and in that constant trying, we let them use us, treat us badly and take us for granted.”

Honestly, the things I am about to tell you in this article are mistakes that we make as victims. We are the ones who let things happen to us and that is why it is highly important to know our own worth and the things we did wrong first before really going on and blaming someone for mistreating us.

There are a few things in every relationship that shouldn’t be done, a few lines that shouldn’t be crossed. Even if you love someone too much, you can’t let them do it because remember, love is not about pampering and spoiling your partner only, it is about helping them become a better person, a better partner. As someone who claims to love them, you should be helping them be better, be the best. The kind of love that brings out the good in others, that is true love because you care how your partner is taken as by everyone else.

Likewise, if they truly love you, they will try and bring stability to your life. They will try and bring it to equilibrium rather than throwing it out of balance. They will try and bring out the best in you. They will try and add to your life not start taking away things.

So here are the things that I believe are the greatest indications that you deserve a lot better than them. Not only that, but also future red flags for any relationship you have.

Don’t let yourselves be treated wrongly because nothing leaves a scar like these 15 red flags do.

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