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Mpmania Mix 39

The Producer And Choreographer Called Kuwait

Edisemi Oromoni, popularly known as “Oluwa Kuwait” is a Nigerian Music Producer songwriter, choreographer and record label executive. Born August 1, 1990, He hails from Delta State, Nigeria and grew up in Warri.


He went to Cambridge International Schools, were He attended both His primary and secondary education. He’s the only son of two kids and as a young kid, was never shy of entertaining family friends or relatives when they came to visit. His love for dance and music meant he was always dancing or singing or miming at every opportunity he gotl. As he grew up He was always listening to music via His smart phone and had a habit of always having headphones on and getting lost listening to music. He fell in love with afrobeat, reggae and hip hop and was especially inspired by the legendary Fela Kuti, Tu Pac, Biggie Smalls and Bob Marley.



His determination to build a career around music and entertainment, led to him performing at street gigs and carnivals around his neighborhood so much that everybody knew him. Event orgainzers love to host him to perform at every event because of he’s unique dancing skills and stage craft too.

His introduction to music production began officially in 2013 when he left Nigeria for the city of Kuwait, where he got the name “Oluwa Kuwait”. Asked why the name Oluwa Kuwait He said it reminds him of his oil rich town of Warri in Nigeria. He returned back to Nigeria in 2014, where he continued learning and upgrading himself in music production. He also took internships and an entrepreneurship class before finally traveling to South Africa to further His formal education. He currently resides in Cape Town, South Africa and in 2015 co- founded a record label, “Truth Or Dare Records” in a bid to help other budding artists, choreographers and producers with a platform to express themselves thru their artistry and music.

He’s currently working on his debut EP with several top notch collaborations. With the first single off the EP set to be released in the coming weeks, 2020 is about to be the year of Oluwa Kuwait.

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