How new clothing brand, “The Shawn Merch” took over the internet

Theshawnmerch, like the name implies, is the official merchandise of a known social media influencer Iseunife Ajayi popularly known as Shawnife.

It comprises of many eye-catching designs which come at affordable rates, all of which can be viewed in the website Theshawnmerch was officially launched on the 11th of November with the Shawn’s written on every design edition, reinforcing the merchandise as a brand of its own. The most eye catching attributes of the brand being the colors and the prints on garments are inspired from the early fashion of the 90’s, quotes from Shawnife and pictures taken by the influencer from his world tour of five countries in six weeks in that order.

Although the subscript “est 97” on the logo doesn’t necessarily represent the fashion of ’97, but it represents the birth year of the majority of the founders which are Ife Falaye (known as HifyTech) and Tobi Lasabi (Acemax Clothings). Other eye-catchers from the brand are the retro textures that could be seen on the prints on the garments, colour codes across the whole brand and the great fusion of retro fashion in a modern world. The trending of the brand began on twitter the night of the launch, rising to the number one position in a few minutes on the Twitter Nigeria trends table lasting a span of more than four hours. 

What made so many viewers attracted to the brand? Could it be the fact that it reaches out to the ‘now-generation’ or the very attractive colours used in the designs, or maybe Shawnife’s influence? This is not the first of its kind, but the reason for such engagement might be with the feeling it gave the audience like they are attributed with something big. Shawnife has always been known for pushing the limits. This could be a symbol for his viewers to join the family of the youth who wants to push the limits and aim for greater things. 

This is definitely a brand for the people and with a launch like this one by just three young enthusiasts, there is no telling what is to be expected in the nearest future from such a brand. Interested in joining the club? Just go ahead and place your order on their official website.

The vision of Shawnife for the brand is to have a community of Nigeria entrepreneurs, talents, tech lovers that produce quality made in Nigeria products and services marketable to audiences all around the world. This would showcase the different talents Nigeria has to offer and refine the narrative about Nigerian youths. 

Finally, one must admit that it is soothing to hear that these are made in Nigeria and plans to ship internationally as the influencer envisions. With the team already talking about plans for more collections and products in the nearest future and Shawnife’s vision to visit a lot more countries soon, there’s no stopping The Shawn Merch.

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