“Fela Should Be Taught in Our Schools” – Singer & Producer (Tekno) says in Interview


Augustine Kelechi, popularly known as , is a fast   rising artiste who has made a name for himself as an afro hip hop artiste. In this , he talks about his music, his aspirations and desire to be on top of his game among other things.

How did you start music?

Music is my life .I started playing musical instrument since I was a child. My dad made me attend piano classes. I can play any kind of musical instrument: Piano, base ,trumpet, name them…

What were you doing before you got signed to Made Men Records?

I got signed to different record labels . For instance, I was signed to Body Shaker records and later, to   Kmoney Records.


How would you describe your kind of music?

I’m into all kinds of music including RnB, Afro beat, hip-hop. I don’t have a particular pattern.


How has Anikulapo Kuti influenced your music?

I wouldn’t say Fela influenced me in one way or the other. He was the root of our music. The story of Fela should be in our as part of history. When you talk about music in Nigeria,   you should talk about Fela. Even in death his legendary status lives. Fela changed ‘’our”lives entirely.

Are there traces of Afrobeat in your songs?

Yes, I’m currently working on some songs now that are literally influenced by Fela. I also did one with Wizkid which has Fela’s style on it .


Have you encountered any embarrassing  moment on stage?

That would be when I was in America for a show. I don’t think the DJ was properly trained. He   was supposed to be playing   my song and along the line, he started doing some stuffs   with it at the same time. While he was trying to rip the song ,it would not go down well with the intro part  as it kept repeating the intro. Later,   I told him to play the next track, which also didn’t end well. It was crazy but that is one of the things you have to go through as an artist.


How do you cope with your female fans and how do you draw the line?


We all need our female fans. There is no drawing of lines. It is still me being myself.  I show the love when I can show it and I share it when I can. But I try my best not to be rude because they all love and respect my music. So, I try to be myself while dealing with my female fans.


Have you ever regretted any collaboration?

Anything I do is worth doing so no regrets.


What are you working on currently?

Currently, I’m about shooting a video for a love song that I did  while I was in New York. My next single is also ready. I’m traveling to London and I hope to shoot the video with Moe Musa and some other guys.  I’m happy.

Besides showbiz, what is that strange thing people don’t really know about you?

I don’t smoke weed and I don’t take alcohol.


How do you respond to critics from social media?

People just make negative comments that ain’t true about you. It gets to you so badly that you want to talk back. Sometimes, you reply and  you discover you just messed up, then you delete your response.

Do you read comments on such occasions ?

Sometimes, I don’t have to. It is just there in your face. I laugh most times because it just shows that you are relevant.

If you were not doing music what would you be doing?

I would be an artist. I like drawing things.


Which female artist would you like   to work with?

I will like to work with every good female artiste.

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