Nony D In Exclusive Interview with Franklinguitar of Etrend mag


Lady’s and gentlemen your welcome to an exclusive Etrend , today with me is Enugu’s finest afro pop artist, whoese currently signed on blue-sky ent,he’s known as the best afro pop artist in the eastern part of Nigeria,so as we ride on let’s get to meet him.

Tell us about yourself:

My names are chukwunonso dominion AKA NONNY D,Native of udi LocaL gov,Umabin,Am a producer,singer,dancer and a song writer.

Ok,so what’s your Educational background:

Ok,I’m a student of Okoh polly tech,Anambara state,a graduate of the department EE

While in that music background did you always
know that you would go into music

Yes I have always knew that I would go into music professionally,I always knew about where I am and where am going too.

Your parents’ reaction when you said you were
going to do music:

Wasn’t accepted but dey don’t have option but to admit,Bcus the result is wot it.

Was the support already there from your family when you started music?

Ŋo body wanted to support,But my mom later did.

All the while you’ve been in the industry, do
you think it has actually grown?:

Ya sure its growing more every day,But we need to stop making noise in the industry and start making sense,Lyrical wise..

Wow,so what’s Your style of music:

Am a soft rock singer,But bcus of our market in nigeria,I have to give them what they wanna hear,Which is afro pop.

Wow,ok talking about single’s,I no you have many,so cn you name any you can remember?:

Newest single is SADE remix ft SOLID STAR

Yea,that’s the bomb in town naw,so how did you went about geting a sweet tune like that?

Gods inspiration

How was it,working with your tyte man solidstar and the produce of the jam?:

It was so cooL And easy,Ŋo stress Vodka flowing in our vain,and the tune was produced by Mr TEE.

Which international artiste have you thought
of doing a collabo with?

2face and M I

How have you been able to handle the
attention that comes with fame especially the
female attention?

Handling it with maturity,It doesn’t have to take over me,I have to take over it.

Should we be expecting another hit from you

Soonest,sooner than later.

Ok,in 5yrs time what do you see your self become?

A good father of so many kids in the industry.

Wow,that’s cool,Ok do you have anywords for the upcoming artists:

Ok,Hello people,If u re an upcoming artist,Just do what u know best,Keep ur head up And work with respect all will be good for you,Bless

One lastword,say a shout to any1:

HeLLO good people its ur one and onLy. Brother from another mother’ am chilling right here with franklinguitar of Etrendmag.

Wow,alright tanks for sharing part of your time with me and also tanks for hosting me down in Enugu state

alright wounderful people of nigeria joining me nextweek as I unviel the next celebrity to be hosted on Etrendmag by me anusiobi ,A.K.a franklinguitar

Twitter handle’s

Add franklin for live interview:22159810

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