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Social media: Steve Jobs’ look-alike sparks debates of him living in Egypt

On more than one occasion, the question has been raised if Steve Jobs is really alive or dead with some conspiracy theories. The topic has resumed as the debate of the social media once again as a photo of the Apple Founder lookalike spotted in Egypt barefoot sparks the air.

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The social media couldn’t let it slide placing a critical view on the photo of the man with a strikingly similar look to that of Jobs.

The lookalike did not seem to be wearing shoes, which may strike a chord with fans who know Jobs used to walk barefoot while brainstorming.

The photo was posted to Facebook on Saturday – but it is not clear when the picture was actually taken.

Once shared on social-networking site Reddit, the snap attracted hundreds of comments, with some convinced it was the real Steve Jobs.

One wrote: “This guy looks too much like Steve Jobs to be so random.”

Another added: “Even something about the way he sits.”

One said: “Honestly, wouldn’t put it past him. His love for Egypt and that type of simple living.

“That spirituality that lives there. The need to escape.

“Idk (I don’t know) man. I’m not very into conspiracy theories, but Jobs would be crazy enough to actually do it.”

This is not the first time conspiracy theorists have questioned whether Jobs may still be alive.

A selfie posted to Reddit five years ago sparked claims Jobs was hiding out in Rio de Janeiro.

But again, there was no evidence to show when the photo was actually taken.

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