The National Youth Network (TheNYNtv) Premieres Youths of Africa.

The National Youth Network

The National Youth Network () premieres Youths of Africa.

is an online platform created to celebrate exceptional youths and youth culture and projecting Nigerian Youths to the world.

The Youths of Africa is a segment designed to celebrate young Africans doing well in various spheres. The segment focuses on failure stories, their journeys and claim to fame stories.

Link to the first episode of Youths of Africa on The National Youth Network


Tenn Zipa J, the Head publisher of The National Youth Network shed more light on the Segment. ‘ The African youths are doing so much even with unlimited resources and we are not being celebrated enough. There is no better person to tell the story of the African youth than the African youth him/herself. The media has been unfair to us; many radio and tv stations have overlooked our innovations and contribution to society just because we do not have money to give them. They celebrate mediocrity and give slots to the highest bidder. However; this must stop. This platform will give a voice to the Nigerian and African youth both here and in the diaspora. We must demand to be heard. we must tell our unique stories.’

The Youths of Africa will not only celebrate already known youths, it will also shed light on youths in rural communities who have no voice to tell the world of the massive impact they are doing in the slums.

Other Programs on the platform include:

  • The VOY(Voice of the Youths) show. Nigeria’s foremost 2d animated youth talk series.
  • Five over Five with R’Jay
  • Youths of Africa ( an exclusive with exceptional entrepreneurial Youths in various fields)
  • Event coverage
  • Tech Tuesdays
  • Lifestyle
  • Relationship Clinic.
  • Dim lights Africa (a look into the sexual lives of youths and entrepreneurs)
  • Politania (politics from the perspective of the youths)
  • Short movies
  • Live coverage, event report and many more

In all, this laudable initiative has begun the revolution we have all sorted after.

Entrepreneurs and innovators are encouraged to mail their stories or indicate interest to be part of Youths of Africa on The National Youth Network by sending a mail to:


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