10 Professional Tips On How To Always Make The Right Decision

10 Professional Tips On How To Always Make The Right Decision“Did I make the right decision? Decisions, decisions, decisions…but how to take the right one?”

Let’s face it, who hasn’t taken a decision and then regretted it? But, with a few simple pointers to set you in the right direction, taking decisions can become a lot easier. Here are our top ten tips that will help you take the right decision, the next time that you are faced with a difficult one:

1. Gut feeling is great but make sure you have all the facts first

Our first reaction isn’t always the best one. To avoid having to say that hindsight is a great thing, consider all the options in front of you carefully and consider too, all the possible outcomes. The more facts that you have in front of you, the easier will be the decision that you have to take.

2. Always get a second opinion

Another tip on how to make the right decision is to get a second or third opinion. Your own decisions will always be influenced by your own opinions and your own feelings. Remember that other people may have a different take on a decision that you have to make and they may be better able to see the bigger picture.

3. Understand the problem, before you try to find the answer

Make sure that you really understand what the problem is, before you try to find an answer. Often, the root cause of a problem has been the real issue, and not the immediately obvious, quick fix.

4. Take your time…

The saying ‘act in haste, repent at your leisure’, is well worth consideration. Don’t be forced to make decisions too quickly, before you have had a chance to properly weigh all the pros and cons of what you are about to do.

5. …but set yourself a deadline, procrastination will solve nothing

Having said that you should take your time, you still need to take a decision eventually, and some would say that the only bad decision is not making a decision at all. Set a timescale in which to make your decision, because procrastination will solve nothing.

6. Make a list of the pros and the cons

Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. Now, write down the pros of your decision on one side, and the cons on the other, with a degree of importance out of ten next to each. It’s an old way of looking at a decision but, if you mark your pros and cons honestly, it will help you to come to a decision.

7. Be sure that you are in the right mind-set to make a decision

If you have an important decision to make, then it is important to make sure that you have focused on the problem, before you make it. Make sure that you are in a calm state of mind and that there are no distractions around you. That way, you will be able to focus all your attention on the decision at hand.

8. Don’t take important decisions when you are tired

If you try and make a decision while you are tired then you are very likely to take the wrong one. Wait until you are properly rested or you will be tempted into taking the quickest and easiest decision, rather than the best.

9. Try and think creatively about a problem

When faced with, what appears to be, a simple, one or the other choice, don’t forget to seek third, alternative option. Get creative and consider if there are other options that you haven’t even thought about yet. The answer may lie in the unexpected.

10. Sleep on the problem

Research has shown that, sleeping on a problem can actually help you find a solution to it. When you sleep, your brain has more of a chance to process information and memories and it may well come up with the best solution.

How to make the right decision? What are your best tips?

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