10 S3xual Turn Offs For Guys In Bed [ see No. 7]

10 S3xual Turn Offs For Guys In Bed [ see No. 7]A man’s S3xual prowess is intertwined with his masculinity. The better he thinks he is at having S3x, the manlier he feels. So he goes about having S3x with a vengeance, because he feels good doing it, be it with his girl or a H0t one night stand.
But what happens if he has S3x with a girl, and instead of feeling better about himself, he feels worse? Well, that’s when he’d either start avoiding S3x with that woman. Or he’d hate her for it!

There are so many things a girl can do to make a man feel like he’s a S3x god, and almost always, a girl never does anything wrong in bed.
Sometimes, all you need to do is bat your eyelids or call him to bed with a twirl of your finger to get him to grin widely, jump into bed and pounce on you.
But there are a few things though, that can annoy even the horniest of men, and shrivel their member in no time. And you may be making these mistakes, and not even realize it yourself!

Read these biggest S3xual turn offs for guys, and make sure you’re not doing any of these yourself. You may not think too much of it, but to a guy, these are things that can hit him below the belt, and hurt his masculinity too!

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