3 Things Internet Lists Will ‘Never’ Help You Find

Date 2015-06-19

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Every now and then, you would have seen lists with a caption like “4 ways to know he’s the one”, “5 things to do to get the man of your dreams” and so on. This lists are commonly found in magazines and online publications. I have also written a couple of such lists which have been published and a couple more that are yet to be published. Every single person possess ideas on how to do things, including how to become a better person, how you can make yourself feel in a specific way and all these are more like guidelines meant to inject some level of difference into our lives in general.
These lists are all over the internet and they are more or less the new crush of the modern generation. It is very difficult for you to avoid them and this one is yet another one that aims to tell you what the internet cannot help you achieve.

Find or “keep” a partner
You must have come across articles such as “7 types of Men All Women Can’t say No To,” “How To Know He Is The Right One,” ” The Best Three Types Of Women Every Man Should Date”. Every avid user of the internet must have come across these types of list which is scattered all over social media sites. In truth, these lists won’t really do much to help you find a the right partner or determine if you are actually with the right person. It might work for some but it’s majorly disappointing for a whole lot of other people.

Let’s take for instance, I take up the required personality or attitude of one of the 7 types of men, women can’t say no to. I believe it might be rather difficult for me to get a woman that won’t say no to me or even maintain a relationship with them for a significant period. This is because I see a little of myself in 5 of the seven types of men described and as such I am really not the kind of person. And trying to be just one of the characters mentioned will only make me feel awkward and uncomfortable.

It is really difficult to find any one person that would fit into the criteria listed. Most of the characters described seem to be the type of people we fantasize about and hope that we can have an easy or quick way of making a relationship work out with. Unfortunately, there is no easy or quick way because the real us always comes out ultimately. And if you really have to go through a list on the internet to determine if the person you are with is the right one, then they are probably not the one and I think a part of you would have already told you this.

How to be happy
A lot of articles on the internet that tells us ways or things to do to be happy contain pretty much the same things. Most contain ideas majorly based on the use of common sense and are harmless. To succeed with them however takes quite a level of practice even as you have to continually have it in mind that being happy is a choice. Know that true happiness won’t just come as it takes fulfilment in relationship, job or achievements. It thus requires patience and practice.

How to flirt
This is actually similar to the first thing on this list but gets its on space because it comes with its own barrage of problems. You must have come across sentences such as ” Don’t call her for 3 days after the first date,” ” act like you want her but don’t be too pushy”. The more audacious ones would be like ” show a little cleavage but not too much,” “gently stroke her hands and draw back” and ” Flip your hair backwards, so he can be drawn to the smell of your shampoo and deodorant”. Well, as adults, the focus should should be on connecting as two individuals rather than the weird flirting games.

It would seem rather weird if you follow all the weird flirting rules including the looking and unlooking, the wink and smiles. Why not just do what is appropriate for you?

Well, the problem with Internet Lists is that they might cheat the weak. At times it does take failing a few times to be strong and as such it is important to think things through before taking any advice offered. The reason is that no one knows you better than yourself and taking what works best for you from the advice you get would be more beneficial. In all, it is up to you to determine what’s best.

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