3 Tips on how to cope with a busy partner

Love is a beautiful thing and one of the joys of being in love is spending time with your significant other but sometimes because of work and other commitments, that luxury of time might not be available.

When one person in the relationship is much busier than the other, that can put a huge strain on the relationship. You might be in different life situations, where your has a lot of things going on and you have a lighter schedule and want to spend your spare time with them.

This doesn’t mean your partner loves you any less, it simply means they have a lot on their plate.

Here are a few ways to cope with a busy partner;

1. Know Your Partners Schedule

This will let you know when they are truly free and when they need to be left alone to get on with things because this would help you to know exactly when their schedule can accommodate your calls or presence so you don’t feel like you’re bothering them.


2. Occupy Yourself With Activities

You need to engage yourself so you don’t feel the constant need to be around them 24/7.

Your partner has priorities, so get some of your own.

Don’t over react if they don’t call you 10 times a day and also try to understand if they don’t text back as fast as you’d like.

3. Meet Up With Friends

Find time to be around other friends and try your best to have fun while you’re out. It’s perfectly normal to feel disappointed at first because you were expecting them to be by your side all the time but don’t forget there are other people in your life who are just as important.


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