5 Signs That Show Your Man Isn’t Ready To Settle Down

Date 2015-11-21

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2. Money Minded

A man who is passion driven and ambitious may not want to settle down until he’s attained stability in his finances and is comfortable. Men with this kind of mentality would always want to make headway with their careers first before plunging deeper into a relationship. They understand that without money, marriage is a bridge they may never cross.

3. Failure To Plan His Life With You

A man who doesn’t let his girlfriend in on the little details of his life isn’t ready to take any step towards settling down. Not only is he expected to ask the woman about plans for her life, he should be able to discuss the things he hopes to achieve with her as well. This would give the lady a sense of belonging and both of them could work things out from that vantage point. A man who wouldn’t share details of his work and family shows he’s not ready to settle down. He prefers to be as shady as possible.

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