50 Things You Shouldn’t Do in Life |[by @disturbingafrik]

50 You Shouldn’t Do in 50 Things You Shouldn't Do in Life

For Real, You Should Keep Off doing the 50 Things Listen Below | @disturbingafrik celebrates his 24th year birthday with some interesting life saving and precautionary statements to make your living befitting all day. Take a look here.”



Don’t always feel smart.

Don’t ask life issues, why? face it.

Don’t believe in what people choose to believe, believe in yourself.

Don’t be ashamed to be the first to apologize.

Don’t be a bug when you’re meant to be loyal.

Don’t be deceived by the weak.

Don’t be dirty or keep dirty surroundings.

Don’t be in the midst of the weak or foolish.

Don’t be like every other person, be yourself.

Don’t be obsessed with material things, vanity.

Don’t be part of an unclear plan.

Don’t be proud because you were commended.

Don’t be selfish with your ideas.

Don’t brag with what you know how to do.

Don’t change a decision when you have made up your mind.

Don’t change because of a circumstance or someone’s character towards you.

Don’t choose quantity over quality.

Don’t compare yourself with another being, you’re unique.

Don’t decide when you are angry.

Don’t discuss your love life in your social life except you’re inspiring.

Don’t discuss your personal life in work places except you’re inspiring.

Don’t do it because everyone is doing it.

Don’t feel at home until it’s done.

Don’t find short ways to solutions, they don’t last.


Don’t forget to say thanks.

Don’t forget to try.

Don’t forget where you came from.

Don’t forget who helped you.

Don’t forget why you started.

Don’t give a man of God money because he or she tasked you to.

Don’t have too much to eat for a day, one step at a time.

Don’t invest your time in nothing.

Don’t let man direct you, let God direct you.

Don’t look down on anyone.

Don’t lose focus.

Don’t make and break same rules.

Don’t mistake activity for productivity.

Don’t mistake courtesy for respect.

Don’t play mind games with family, you will never win.

Don’t promise when you are happy.

Don’t regret your decisions.

Don’t relax with what takes strength.

Don’t see the need to worry.

Don’t skip the golden rule.

Don’t stake what you don’t have.

Don’t start a problem you can’t end.

Don’t take credit for what you didn’t do.

Don’t trust anyone.

Don’t wait on people.

Don’t wait to have all you need before you start.

By Disturbingafrik©

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