What Bitcoin really is & 5 Ways to Earn Bitcoins

What Bitcoin really is & 5 Ways to Earn Bitcoins |



Everyone is talking about Bitcoins now, especially with the surge it’s experiencing. Bitcoin Price is seriously multiplying, and as of today the current bitcoin value on 12th December 2017 the price of one Bitcoin is $19,346. I mean…just two days ago the price of one bitcoin was $15,000 and last month it was around $12,000.

A friend of mine who is into cryptocurrency trading said the price of Bitcoin will keep skyrocketing. He said If I buy $100 worth of Bitcoin now, in 2-5years I will be a millionaire. I’m definitely buying some after this!


Now…What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency…like a digital currency (an online money that is not cash) which is held electronically and used to make payments worldwide. Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency, that is to say, there is no central bank or single administrator. Bitcoin is the highest cryptocurrency and is used for payment in many online stores, hotels etc. and after it’s introduction by Satoshi Nakamoto on 3 January 2009,  people are now recognizing it more and more every day!


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