How to Give Her That Mind Blowing Org*sm In 15 Minutes

Date 2016-03-15

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“Want to Be Her Hero? Bring Your lady to boil quicker than a pot of pasta”How to Give Her That Mind Blowing Org*sm In 15 Minutes

Gentlemen, start her engine. Your challenge is to master the art of the 15-minute Org*sm.

It can be done. Researchers at the Kinsey Institute found that some women can Org*sm after 10 to 20 minutes of S3x.

And aside from the instant spike in your approval ratings, there’s more S3x in it for you. Research in the Journal of S3x and Marital Therapyfound—somewhat unsurprisingly—that women with an increased likelihood of Org*sm demanded more time between the sheets.

Work in a day of subconscious foreplay to speed your girl to the finish line. Technically, this is cheating the 15-minute timeline, but if there’s no touching it doesn’t count.

Take her to live comedy or meet up on a day she has a spinning or yoga class. This preps her for Org*sm because ab exercises stimulate the vagus nerve running through her pelvis.

As the countdown draws closer, have some quiet drinks back at your place. University of Florence research found that women who drink a glass or two of red wine are more aroused. When the bottle is empty, you can set the stop watch.

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