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How To Open & Verify a Paypal Account in Nigeria

It’s all over the internet, so this shouldn’t amaze you that PayPal now accepts Nigerians to open a paypal account.

This have been great news for most Nigerian internet users that deals with a lot of shopping online, but right now, PayPal still limits the peer-to-peer transactions for Nigerian users, but the good news now is that Nigerian users can still operate a PayPal account in Nigeria and use it to pay for products and services on sites that accept PayPal.

Right now, PayPal is now accessible by millions of users in at least  200 countries including Nigeria.

As we talk, i already have a Verified PayPal account opened with a Nigerian IP, and verified with my Guarantee Trust Bank Naira MasterCard (GTB ATM card).

So here are the steps on how to successfully open a verified PayPal account in Nigeria.

How To Open & Verify PayPal Account in Nigeria

All you need first is that you need to have a credit card to verify your account.


  • Once you are on the page, now cl!ck on the “Open an Account” and cl!ck on Individual account type (most preferred)
  • After that, then input your details using a valid email address (if you already have an account, make sure the email haven’t been used before)
  • After that, then cl!ck on “Agree and Create Account” button.
  • You will be taken to another page with a captcha check (or it might be below your Registration Form) now type in the characters you see in the image and cl!ck on “Continue”.
  • Now, you will be prompted to enter your card details on the next page, input your credit card / ATM card details like card number, the expiry date and the 3 digits at the back of the card in the spaces provided. Make sure that the address matches with the one you open your bank account with to ensure smooth process.

registeration page-mpmania


  • Now cl!ck on “Continue” to proceed to your account.


Almost done.

  • Then go over to your email and cl!ck on the verification link sent to you by PayPal. When you cl!ck on the link, you will be redirected to PayPal and you will be prompted for your password to log in and then you will be shown a page to set 2 security questions incase you loose your account. Doing all of this verifies your email account.


  • Now, in your account page cl!ck on, cl!ck the ‘Get Verified” link or the “Link and confirm credit or debit card” link like below


  • Then you will be redirected to a new page to confirm your card for verification. The card type, the last four digits of the card to confirm and the billing address will be displayed. Cl!ck on “Continue” to proceed.


  • Now cl!ck on “Continue”, PayPal will now charge the card $1.95 ( N320 naira equivalent) on your card for verification but wll be refunded within 24 hours after you confirm your card.
  • You will get a debit alert from your bank via sms or email and you will see a 4-digit code associated with the amount that was charged by PayPal.


  • Once you get the text or mail from your bank, now go over to your PayPal account and cl!ck “Confirm my debit or credit card“.
  • Enter the 4-digit code you get from the sms or email and cl!ck “Confirm Card” button.

enter pin-mpmania

  • Once you cl!ck confirm card, then you will get a confirmation message like below


  • Now check your My account tab, and you will see that your status is now verified like below:

That’s all.
Opening a PayPal account in Nigeria is now as simple as opening a Facebook account. You can immediately start using your newly created PayPal account. You can make payments with it and your linked credit card will be billed.
PayPal is expected to add more features soon especially with the springing growth of e-commerce in Nigeria.

If you are having issues creating your own paypal account in Nigeria, feel free to make a comment below.

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