The Things You Do That Make Her Cheat

ladie“Women have generally been taught from time immemorial to bear men that cheat. In the 21st century however, things seem to have changed as women are more assertive and can now easily speak their minds. Some men feel intimidated by the fact that women are more emancipated while others enjoy the freedom with which they express themselves.”

These behavioural changes have had a huge impact on relationships and this is made more evident in a research work published in the journal of Marital and Family Therapy in 2012. The work found that 14% of married women have cheated as compared to 22% of married men. Even though women are not generally superseding men in cheating, more women are having emotional affairs and S3x without the consent of their partners.

Women however usually cheat for emotional intimacy while men would cheat for physical pleasure. If you have a cheating partner or suspect that she may be cheating on you, these are the things you do that make her cheat.

1: She Has Low Self-esteem

If you’re the type of man that is always bashing his woman, it may result in her having low self-esteem. This may cause her to want to seek for validation from other men which may be in form of emotional or S3xual attention. If you don’t show her love and she sees the need to project her feelings on to another person, she could end up cheating on you. You may have to encourage and appreciate her more as a way of boosting her confidence. If this doesn’t work, you may want to consider going for counselling with your partner.

2: Revenge

One of the most difficult things to forgive is being cheated on. Women even more so feel angry, sad, deceived and violated and this may affect their self-esteem. The fact that she knows you cheated can have a negative impact on her mood and behaviour including her ability to ever trust you again. As a matter of fact, some women will go out of their way to seek for revenge by cheating as a way of making you feel the pain and hurt they felt. This doesn’t solve anything and if you suspect she’s doing this as a way to get back at you, try and communicate more while ensuring you increase the romance and passion of the relationship.

3: The S3x Sucks

Every woman wants to experience what it feels like to have real Org*sms. As such, if she’s not getting enough S3x, S3x that is devoid of emotions or entirely bad S3x, she may just go out and cheat on you. Bad S3x usually tempt women to look elsewhere for emotional and S3xual satisfaction. The best thing to do is to try and ask her what she needs you to do. Communicate your thoughts and you both can walk through it. You can either choose to do this alone or seek professional help.

4: Boredom

It could be you no longer do the things that captivated her when she first met you. You no longer dress as sharp as you do, you don’t spray that perfume she likes or you stick to the same boring routine. Women Love spontaneity and when you do the same thing over and over again, it becomes boring. This may make her become emotionally distant from you as a result of her looking for prospects she can fantasise and live her dreams with.
You can make a boring relationship exciting by putting a bit of effort into making your relationship exciting. This may entail you bringing new ideas into the relationship and being a bit more spontaneous as opposed to your routine way of life.

5: Not Being Intimate Or Paying Attention To Her

Reverse the roles and ask yourself how long you can go without receiving love and attention before you try to get it from someone else. Some people may be able to go months or even years but one thing to remember is that women generally desire emotional and mental attention, intimacy and physical touch. If she’s not getting this from you, it’s only a matter of time before she looks for these things from another man. And the people she would usually get it from her close male friends who are attentive and ready to feed her emotional needs. If you deprive her off attention and compliments, she’d likely have emotional affairs which may not necessarily lead to S3x. Women generally desire the attention and compassion they had at the beginning of a relationship and crave for same once it goes absent.

6: She’s Financially Independent

A woman that is financially independent is usually able to speak her mind during arguments without the fear of being shut down. The fact that women make their own money these days makes it easy for them to work out of an unhappy relationship. The feeling of independence and power that comes with financial prowess is a good one that could make her cheat on you especially if you take advantage of her.

7: ladieShe Doesn’t Feel Appreciated

Failing to appreciate your woman can make her seek for validation somewhere else. She needs to hear you appreciate her for all the effort she puts into the relationship. Failing to remember her birthday and anniversaries only tells her that your mind is not really with her and she may want to look for a man that will love and appreciate her more. Everyone has a threshold and once she reaches hers, she may want to seek for love and appreciation somewhere else. If you continue to take her for granted, she just may look for appreciation from another man.

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