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MNCA - Maniacs New Comers Award - NG

mnca-up MNCA - Maniacs New Comers Award - NG

Hello. I'm nameless - admin - mpmania/mnca/rc

Thanks for taking your time out to read this.. It will do good to what ever upcomer you know.

MNCA (Maniacs New Comers Award) - an idea brought up by couple of young minds has deemed it fit to start the collections of content from upcomers available.

First, You need to know what MNCA is.
MNCA is an award meant for upcoming youths in different entertaining, creative aspect in the social economy. Strictly Ñigerian developed and administrated.. MNCA spreads its tentacles to youths - able or disable. Online and on ground - awards will be presented to individuals of different careers.

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Now I know your mind is on how to enter... Yeah. Very easy..

Artistes, directors, bloggers, djs, geeks, graphics designers and more......

There's 3 emails set up for 3 different type of content submission... for submissions that are audio related for video related submissions

And for image related submissions

Extra ones are to be sent to

thank you very much...
Visit this site again for more details... God bless

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