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mpJOKES: Love letter from a Mechanic to an Orange Seller

na-love mpJOKES: Love letter from a Mechanic to an Orange Seller

Hello Girl, I want to write u dis letter. Because
everyday I saw u opposite with my workshop.
U saw me & I also saw u everyday. But I have
wash u 4 a severally time now. The way ur
behaviour is, nor good for me. I waant to take
u as good garlfriend. Because ur beautyfool
garl in dis our town. So I luv u like butafly luv
a flower. Errrmmmmmmm, but one thing is
dat, I want to talk to u but u don't half tym.
Dat is y I shouldn't came & talk to u. If u tink u
cannot read d letter, just phone me & gave me
d reply or d answer!
I am doned. Good byeeeee.
Yours forever,
Mechanical Engineerer,
Dear Musa,
I rily soprice for ur leta. I saw u wen u saw
me but I shy and look down. The way my hart
is doin me I want to folo u but I kannot left
my orange becus this is where I shop. I want
to phone u but u have to resharge me. Ur leta
have rily tosh me. If u come to my compand I
will mit u for backayard.
FROM ur hart,

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