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Music: O.M.G - The Ep

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Music: O.M.G - The Ep

O.M.G the EP is the long awaited and anticipated experimental Project of the music and entertainment team Oluwa Music Group...which comprises of various artist, but in this EP is two of O.M.G's rappers ,MILLz and F-ONE along side their manager.....the EP doesn't promise you anything but simply a new sound of music and a diverse demonstration of various acts of the music world and industry to make a blissful match and composition of music as an Art....Josiah Yakubu with stage acronym MILLz which stands for
MILLz -Motivation Intellect Lyrics Life Zeal was born in Lagos but raised in kaduna and presently studying mathematics while Francis Martin with stage name F-ONE  half Ghanaian and half cross river but was born and breed in kaduna and presently studying physics, the both of them together give durability as to which and wat can be achieved with their talents... To really get what O.M.G does you would have to listen to the EP....some call it Afro Hiphop buh can't assure you of the kind of music you would expect but to be clear it's gonna be new music..Certified Commercial,

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