EarthGang – BILLI (ft. Future) (Audio, Lyrics)

EarthGang returns with the Future-assisted “BILLI” song co-produced by Zeke Nicholson, Hefner & Giandre Diaz. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Earthgang Billi

Earthgang Billi

EARTHGANG’s Ghetto Gods album, which released on February 25th, features some of the hottest names and heavy hitters in the game today. The contributions span generations, with revered R&B legends such as Musiq Soulchild and CeeLo Green making appearances, as well as relatively newer acts like Baby Tate and Ari Lennox offering up their services to the project. To enhance the roster even further, legends-in-the-making, namely J. Cole and Future, serve as accompaniments on back to back tracks and take the body of work to the next level.

“BILLI,” featuring the previously mentioned Future, is a racing, heartpumping banger throughout the first two-thirds of the track. Presenting the DNA of an undeniable hit, Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot trade verses filled with the usual EARTHGANG essentials, while allowing the simplicity of the hook to speak for itself. It’s a formula that many in the DreamVille camp have perfected, consistent with the southern upbringing of the majority of its menbers.

The closing verse shifts more into Future’s proverbial playground. The percussion is reeled back, deepened, and slowed, with heavy sythesized elements taking over. The environment of the track changes from the aspiration to reach for riches, to the lush and lavish lifestyle of having it (and what it takes to attain that way of living).

EarthGang – BILLI (ft. Future) (prod. Zeke Nicholson, Hefner & Giandre Diaz)


[Part I]

[Intro: Doctur Dot]
Yeah, uh-huh

[Verse 1: Doctur Dot & Johnny Venus]
So I’m fucked up, geeked up (Uh)
Leanin’ like a tree trunk (Yeah)
I just dropped the blunt doin’ jumps off a speedbump (What?)
I don’t keep no girl, but they just show up when I need one (Hey)
Baby, give me life like it’s Night at the Museum, ayy (Wow)
All about my freedom, nigga, fuck your ego (Oh)
Tryna move the people (Oh), tryna catch a threesome, ayy (Uh-huh)
You think we competin’, our goals is different, I told you niggas (Okay, woah)
I can never be happy with millions, at least ten figures

[Chorus: Doctur Dot & Johnny Venus]
I need a billi’ (Uh), a billi’ (Oh), a billi’ (Ayy), billi’ (Uh)
A billi’ (Ooh), a billi’ (Hey), a billi’ (Huh?), really (Huh?)
A billi’ (Oh), a billi’ (Ayy), a billi’ (Ka-ching), a billi’ (Oh), a billi’ (Ayy)
A billi’ (Oh), really (Uh), a billi’

[Verse 2: Johnny Venus]
Read a lot of books so my bank account woke
Bitch, up 24/7, that ain’t no joke (Huh)
I’ma get money long as grass still grow
‘Causе it’s hard bein’ a nigga, it’s worse bein’ poor
I spеnd thousands every week
Man, I gotta make sure my people eat
I done buried soldiers from the four
Ball out for my niggas from the three (Huh)
Got a milli’, man, I want a billi’, man, I want a trilli’, man
I want some more
I’m buyin’ my hood, I buy got like twenty-five strings [?] comin’ then y’all hear me flow
Grew up with holes all in my clothes
Shoppin’ at Burlington, lookin’ for quotes
Niggas back then had a whole lot of jokes
Fast forward ten, now I’m flippin’ off boats
Let me slow it down a bit
Flip the coins like [?]
True story, my first advance, lot of ones with the stripper
Still a Westside nigga
Even though I rock the turban
Bad lady in the background
Count it up ’cause I want a billi’


[Chorus: Doctur Dot & Johnny Venus]
Billi’ (Uh), a billi’ (Oh), a billi’ (Ayy), billi’ (Uh)
A billi’ (Ooh), a billi’ (Hey), a billi’ (Huh?), really (Huh?)
A billi’ (Oh), a billi’ (Ayy), a billi’ (Ka-ching), a billi’ (Oh), a billi’ (Ayy)
A billi’ (Oh), really (Uh), a billi’

[Part II]

[Intro: Future]
I feel like a God on this Earth, lil’ nigga
I can tell you slow up on these Percs, lil’ nigga
Bad bitch, she came with a big Birk’, lil’ nigga
Mad rich, ain’t none to get you murked, lil’ nigga (Pluto)

[Verse: Future]
I was in the field with all the junkies and the scammers
Gucci at the toe look like I got on my pajamas
I put on my chains then I get ghost on a bitch
I got on that drank, now she won’t sip my cup now
Ridin’ with my F&N, my hand got my top down
Count money, I’m firin’ a bunt while it get mopped down
Ain’t got no time to be a ‘splainer to my bih, night
I get up when I get down, ain’t stoppin’ at no red light
Came out the bando’ with them junkies and zombies
A-town, nigga, [?] go to church on a Monday
Heard about a murder, no, we don’t know nothing
I be posted up with them demons, where you find me at?

For the rest of my life
I will [extort thee?]

Date 2022-02-28

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