Jim Jones – Finito (ft. Fred The Godson) (Audio, Lyrics)


Jim Jones is here with “Finito” featuring Fred The Godson. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by Jim Jones & Marc Scibilia.

Jim Jones Finito

Jim Jones Finito

The deluxe edition made a return this year in full swing. An album pretty much isn’t real in 2020 unless it’s accompanied by a deluxe edition about a week later. I’m not necessarily for this trend but in the case of Jim Jones’ El Capo, I can not complain. The rapper returned with 15 new songs for the deluxe edition of his 2019 album which includes some pretty solid features.

Fred The Godson makes two different appearances on the tracklist of Jim Jones’ new deluxe album. With production handled by HeatMakerz, Jim Jones and Fred The Godson swap bars and flex their lyrical muscles while reminiscing on the hustle.

Jim Jones – Finito (ft. Fred The Godson) (prod. Jim Jones & Marc Scibilia)


[Verse 1: Jim Jones]
Capo, go…
I pray to the Lord, Rakim check out my melody (Peace God)
Talk tough where tough is what you better be (Wassup?)
I’m still handin’ out smack just like I’m sellin’ D (Facts)
I spit like her-on up in the 70s
Shit, I’m Nicky Barnes with the flow (Arrggh!)
You gotta block, you gotta bomb, you gon’ blow (Arrggh!)
Uh, like Frank Lucas with the bars (Catch it)
Gun in the drop like I’m shootin’ at the stars (Boom!)
Gotta be a man of your actions
Never take the stand on your faction (Never)
Runnin’ through the back door I got the back end
Drug dealer car, so you know I got the black Benz (Woo!)
AMG or that 63 kitted (Go)
Name a V, I promise bitch we did it (Facts)
Hopped out and we was drip drip drippin’ (Uh)
Might need a mop but they won’t catch me slippin’ (No)
Lookin’ for the keys, the cars don’t have ignitions (No)
Was dreamin ’bout the coke ’til I woke up in the kitchen (for real)
Shit, you ever woke up in the trap (Huh)
2 pumpers, 1 fiend smokin’ up the crack? (Oh)

[Chorus: Marc Scibilia (Fred The Godson)]
If you go, I won’t forget now
But I hope that I don’t let you down
I will carry your light ’til I’m in the ground (ah, right)
But I hope that I won’t let you down, down down

[Verse 2: Fred The Godson]
(TBM, it’s GORRRDO!)
Chop by the house, picture perfection
They cop by the crib like witness protection (Woo!)
Driver probation, whippin’ a XM
Send me location, send you directions
Me, white girl and a pot, orgies, I know (Facts)
If it’s ’bout guap, call me (?)
You could get shot for a G, I know
Put ya sons in ya wills like 4 Gaidos (Hahaha)
They in love with the coco (Coco), O.T. Genasis
Uncle told me “Nah no!”, he was OT Genesis
Streets of Rage cartridge, know I’m a nemesis
Drop the roof on a model
Seen sentences like I’m proof readin’ a novel (Ah)
Free Hov, free Bloody Grip
(?) from a OJ, left the glove on the strip (Damn!)
Man wife gave him a snub for a gift (Uh huh)
Shooter from the Uber get you Lyft
Pistol whip ya face, boy, got him in the lip
Wasn’t baseball, it was the bottom of the fifth (Woo!)
Front me the base, boy, got you on the flip (Flip)
TBM, we be on some shit (TBM)
Screw on the silencer, sound off (Shhh)
Fuck with my circle, I let a round off, God

[Chorus: Marc Scibilia]
If you go, I won’t forget now
But I hope that I don’t let you down
I will carry your light ’til I’m in the ground
But I hope that I won’t let you down, down down

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