Kali – Rap Freaks Freestyle (Audio, Lyrics, Video)


Watch the video for Kali’s new “Rap Freaks Freestyle” song produced by Don D the Producer & King Wizard, Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Kali Rap Freaks

Kali Rap Freaks

Kali may have one-upped Yung Miami with her new remix of “Rap Freaks.” The rising rapper came through with an equally sensual and creative freestyle where she name-dropped as many industry figures as she could within a minute and a half span, as well as her bedroom fantasies with them. Polo G earns himself a shout-out off of the top before Kali expresses her desire to get with Young Nudy. She also gives shouts out to Drake, Diddy, Kehlani, Key Glock and Gunna on the record. “Yung Miami with Diddy, is it father like son?/ King Combs, I need that 250 a month,” she raps on the record.

The remix led Kali to widespread praise across Twitter as people reacted to her bars and compared her version to Yung Miami’s.

Kali – Rap Freaks (prod. Don D the Producer & King Wizard)

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(Don D, you a fool for this one)

I’m on a PJ headed to Chicago, tryna see what’s up with Polo (Yeah)
I heard that he a G (G)
I’m tryna lock him down and this pussy is the key (Ooh)
I’m into freaky shit, I like a nigga on a leash (Yeah)
No PDA, but for Nudy, I’ll rep PDE
Just as long as he come and put that D on me (Ah)
Yung Miami got Diddy, is it like father, like son? (Huh?)
King Combs, I need that two-fifty a month (Take that)
I like the name she say her name, Bia, Bia
If I whisper to that kitty, her nigga’ll never see her
Have Toosii short ass come and sing to this pussy
Fuck it, take me to the streets, I’m tryna see what’s up with Future (Yeah, yeah)
If Dess wanna join, I’ll let her eat me like some noodles (On God)
YoungBoy come meet his match, I’ll walk that nigga like a poodle
Yeah, what’s up with Key Glock? We don’t gotta fuck, he can get the top (Ooh)
And SpotemGottem, he could beat the box (Fuck)
I got a rap bitch, I need an R&B freak (Ooh)
Tell Kehlani I’m tryna see how that strap be (Yeah, yeah)
I wanna put this drip on Gunna, let him drown
On a jet with Champagne Papi, first stop, pound town (Mmm)
I’m a nasty bitch, we can go round for round
Heard Lil Baby get around, bitch, I can sit him down (Bitch)
Gettin’ white girl wasted with Tay Money (Duh), pull up in H-Town
Fuck with Ken ’cause I heard that head dummy, hah

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