M.I Abaga – Daddy (ft. Chillz) (Audio, Lyrics)

M.I Abaga teases forthcoming project with the song, “Daddy”, featuring Chillz. The track was co-produced by Chillz, G-Plus & M.I Abaga himself. Listen, watch lyric video, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

M.i Abaga Daddy

M.i Abaga Daddy

Africa’s finest hip-hop artist, M.I Abaga who is widely heralded as Africa’s most commercially successful rapper drops his single “Daddy”.

A household name and one of the pioneers of hip-hop music in Africa from classic hit projects like ”Talk About It” to “M.I the Movie”, he is undeniably an instrumental element when defining hip-hop/ rap music in Africa.

In addition to the heavily prolific songs, the African hip-hop legend is back with his first official single of the year 2022 “Daddy” to serenade the ears of his listeners.

The song with its afrobeats and rap infusion is crafted to praise women and give them enough reasons to feel themselves.

In this song, M.I Abaga blends his ever flawless rap flow with the classic mid-tempo rhythm to leave you bobbing your head. He is accompanied by fellow collaborator Chillz who mutually blesses the ears with a catchy chorus that replays countlessly in your head to create an exciting masterpiece.

Speaking on the new single, M.I Says “Daddy is a song that’s here to celebrate our women and further appraise their beauty”.

“Daddy” is the lead single off M.I’s forthcoming project that promises to be more than exciting for his fans. This project has been specially curated to put the rapper in a new light and reaffirm his stance as one of Africa’s finest artists.

The song reintroduces M.I as a renowned artist; ready to deliver lines and bars that have a good hook on listeners. As always, he is unmatched in the music industry.

M.I Abaga – Daddy (ft. Chillz) (prod. Chillz, G-Plus & M.I Abaga)

Lyric Video


[Came out looking like mummy. Out here serving like mummyHope ya getting your money. One time do it for daddy]2x

I like the way it jiggle and bounce, I wanna pounce upon it, I’d give you any amount, When you put it down, wanna be the carpet on the ground, When you twerk baby, imma clap along to the sound

Wahala for who no dey make him dollar[make the money ooo]
I’m an African hero and superstar call me T’challa, Na cé Allah baby, ki zo ki bi ni mu jé Murtala Mohammed Airport, so we can take a trip to The Bahamas, [ok ok]

Baby do you know my favorite part? The shape when you walk is bigger than the state of New York, Wanna visit the inner city wanna lay in the park, Wanna go downtown to see if that’s the way to your heart [show me the way]

I like the way you shaking the thing, When you’re in the room nobody else is making a pim…You got a slam dunk body, girl you breaking the rim , Tryna shoot my shot baby like I’m making a film…

[Came out looking like mummy out here serving like mummyHope ya getting your money one time do it for daddy]2x
[Oya finish them[Finish them]Pepper them [Pepper them]
Threaten them [Threaten them]Punish them [Punish them]]4x

Baby, you’re hotter than tatashe,I wanna follow you everywhere be your atashe,I want to get into the middle like Thomas Partey
You’re so gifted, let me know, is it your birthday…[Your birthday…]

When I see you I say praise the Lord, You tasty, smelling like protest Jollof, I’m salivating waiting for when it’s my place to chop, You’rehurting the environment, girl this your waist is a problem[problem…]

All I see is “ass” “ass”, like a simile, Shaking up and down like NEPA current, no stability
The way you’re shaking is making me grow affinity, Stop pretending like say no be you do am like the Military

Baby, you know I find you quite charming, I wanna be good to your body like a vitamin, I no fit pass you even if I spend all night cramming When I go Spanish on that ass till you say “Ay, Papi”

[Came out looking like mummy out here serving like mummyHope ya getting your money one time do it for daddy]2x
[Oya finish them[Finish them]Pepper them [Pepper them]
Threaten them [Threaten them]Punish them [Punish them]]4x

Date 2022-03-27

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