Nas – One Mic, One Gun (ft. 21 Savage) (Audio, Lyrics)

Nas recruits 21 Savage for the new “One Mic, One Gun” track produced by Hit-Boy. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the song, mp3 download.

Nas One Mic, One Gun

Nas One Mic, One Gun

“One Mic One Gun” sees Hip-Hop GOAT Nas team up with Atlanta rapper 21 Savage in a surprising but encouraging collaboration. The song comes just weeks after 21 foolishly called Nas “irrelevant” during an interview. Many people around the Hip-Hop community, including Hit-Boy and Nas’ brother, Jungle expressed their disappointment in 21’s remarks shortly after.

In addition to the recent comments, both rappers have made headlines recently by way of their music. 21 Savage’s recent collaborative album with Drake, Her Loss debuted at number one on the Billboard charts, while Nas’ trilogy to his King’s Disease album series, King’s Disease III has been rated as the best Hip-Hop album of the year by Metacritic.

The song is a breath of fresh air into Rap, as we see a younger artist (who previously did not) now giving respect to those who set the path for them to succeed in the best way possible: Music. This is especially encouraging considering the recent uptick in violence around Hip-Hop, which Nas addressed in his recent song, “Don’t Shoot”.

Produced by Hit-Boy, the song’s title pays homage to Nas’ song “One Mic”, from his 2001 critically-acclaimed album, Stillmatic. 21 Savage also referenced this track in his song, asmr.

Nas – One Mic, One Gun (ft. 21 Savage) (prod. Hit-Boy)

29 November 2022
1 Song, 2 minutes
℗ 2022 Mass Appeal


[Verse 1: 21 Savage]
Ain’t no back and forth, ain’t no left or right (21, 21)
I got King’s Disease but I move like a knight (21, 21)
Rappers bandwagon tryna get some likes (21, 21)
I do it for the fam’, never for the hype (21, 21)
When you turn to legend, no such thing as relevance (21, 21)
They must’ve forgot that I’m a new rapper that got integrity (21, 21)
All of the media and blogs, that’s just a place I don’t care to be (21, 21)
Most of these niggas wouldn’t say shit if they was ahead of me (Hit-Boy)

[Chorus: Nas]
No back and forth, I did it back then, I do it right now (Woo)
I opened a lane for my era, I’m goated, they gave me the crown
G.O.A.T. with all the success, the negative press, I’m watchin’ it pile (Uh)
They sayin’ that black music dyin’, I’m sayin’, “They wipin’ us out”
But look at me now, damn, y’all, look at me now
Whatever I do is N.Y., I’m keepin’ it Queens ’cause that’s my side (What up?)
I shook up the town, I shook up the city, I shook up the state
I’m with 21 on my second run, this shit come with age

[Verse 2: Nas & 21 Savage]
It’s a conversation (Woo), it’s determination (Yeah)
Your interpretation, I just shocked the nation (Oh)
Did my tour with The Wu’, I came back and I set the pace (Woah)
They just ran in one of my cribs and took what? I replaced it (Haha)
Two caucasians up out of their faces
Most of y’all assumed that they was black, it’s exploitation (Black Caesar)
They ain’t know that I see everything, invested in Ring
It’s cool to be mainstream, I’d rather be timeless
That’s if we keepin’ it P, 21 (21, 21)

[Verse 3: 21 Savage]
I’m on that same trajectory
Bullet wounds and jail cells couldn’t stop me, this my destiny
Never controversial, I’m mad the fans expected less from me
Nigga sneezed around me, wipe his nose, won’t get no bless from me
Fuck the jewelry, I rather buy land and invest successfully
I got all type of stocks and bonds, Kehinde Wiley on my wall
And I’ma pass it to my son
If Savage like the capo that mean Escobar the don, one mic’, one gun
My net worth like eight figures, I’m workin’ on gettin’ me nine
You know that I’m one of them niggas, I ain’t doin’ no cappin’ or lyin’
You rappers be chasin’ the hype, I do it and I don’t be tryin’
I ain’t goin’ against no legend, nigga, I’m tryna be next in line
They actin’ like I just popped, I was platinum before I signed
I went platinum without no features, I put platinum on your mind
This Glock I got two-tone, and this bitch don’t bust no rhyme
They wanna see me fucked so they could deport me like I’m Shyne

[Chorus: Nas]
No back and forth, I did it back then, I do it right now (Woo)
They tellin’ me that I’m the G-O-A-T, I been here for a while
G.O.A.T., love me today, hate me tomorrow, no switchin’ my style
21, Yak’, y’all get together, be big for the South (The globe)
But look at me now, damn, y’all, look at me now (Uh)
Whatever I do is New York, you hear that shit all in my vowels (Grrt)
I shook up the town, I shook up the city, I shook up the state
I’m one of them ones, on my second run, I’m on a new wave (Wave)

[Outro: Nas]
Two kings
We’re sendin’ love to the whole culture
21, Esco, Mass Appeal, Slaughter Gang
This shit too easy, king

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