Native Sounds – Runaway (ft. Ayra Starr & Lojay) (Audio, Lyrics)

Listen to Native Sounds’ new “Runaway” song which features Ayra Starr & Lojay. The piece of music was co-produced by Sholz, Lido & Adey. Stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Native Sounds Runaway

Native Sounds Runaway

“At the beginning of every calendar year, ardent music listeners and many publications try to predict the artists that will take a leap from being fairly known to breakout popularity. When Lojay was ripping through beats at the NATIVE Sound System London camp in 2020, not too many people would’ve predicted the singer’s vault to stardom the next year, mostly because his moniker had barely made a dent on Afropop’s mainstream consciousness. Same with Ayra Starr, the fiercely self-assured singer Mavin introduced to us in early 2021.

Entering this year, Lojay and Ayra Starr have secured their spots as leading lights in the current vanguard of Afropop, with mammoth smash singles—“Monalisa” and “Bloody Samaritan”—and critically acclaimed projects. With their accomplishments and the blinding projections for their future, it’s more than fitting that their first collaborative effort sets the tone for the long-teased NATIVE Sound System album.

As an integral part of the consistent, rapid evolution of Afropop, NATIVE has placed a premium on championing those expanding the possibilities of urban African music. Lojay and Ayra are perfect encapsulations of that mission. To kick things off ahead of its album’s rumoured May release date, NATIVE Sound System have paired these magnetic singers for lead single, “Runaway.” As one prong in the NATIVE’s trident fork—alongside NSS and NATIVELAND—The NATIVE editorial team shares its thoughts on the new song, as well as what we expect as the full-length compilation draws close.”

Native Sounds – Runaway (ft. Ayra Starr & Lojay) (prod. Sholz, Lido & Adey)


[Verse 1: Lojay]
Sweet love from Alabama
Know the distance is a little undeserved
So I’ve been sending kisses through my FaceTime
Cos I’m a little lonely
And I can’t say if you’re happy
Oh anxiety is coursing through your veins
Tell me if you’re looking for some closure
Girl I’ll understand you

[Chorus: Lojay]
But don’t you runaway away away away ah
Runaway from me yeah
Don’t runaway away away away ah
Runaway from me yeah
Don’t runaway away away away ah
Runaway from me yeah

[Verse 2: Ayra Starr]
I don’t know
Don’t know the way
You want me to go
If I decide to go another way
Would you still want to follow
Please don’t try to
No pull me back the other way
‘If you try too
I swear I’ll go another lane
Don’t know oh
I don’t know what you want from me ahh
I’ll runaway no stopping
You can’t tell me nothing bout a deeper calling
Oh inside my mind
How many feet I’ve fallen
Early in the morning

[Chorus: Lojay]
Don’t you runaway away away away ah
Don’t run
Runaway from me yeah
Don’t runaway away away away ah
Don’t runaway eh
Runaway from me yeah
Don’t runaway away away away ah
Runaway from me yeah

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