Renni Rucci – “Talk” [Audio, Lyrics]


Female musical artist, Renni Rucci returns with a piece of a new single titled “Talk”. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download the song.

Renni Rucci Talk

Renni Rucci Talk

This year, she debuted two new singles, “Can’t Be,” which samples Mya and Beenie Man’s 00’s hit “Girls Dem Sugar,” and most recently, “Talk.” As with many songs that experience newfound success, “Talk” exploded on the video-sharing app TikTok before even receiving an official release. Originally released in late 2019 by Rucci, the track was finally sourced to streaming services recently.

Renni Rucci – Talk


And we checkin’ in from Real Bitch Radio
And I wanna hear y’all pop y’all shit
Talk like this, talk like this
Go on, baby, talk like this
Make a ho mad when I pop my shit
Only real bitches talk like this (Uh-uh)

Name another bitch rock shit like this
Couple rap bitches tried to jock my shit
Switch a flow up, they can catch this drip
Make a bitch take notes when I pop my shit
Ain’t met a nigga worth chasing yet
If I’m in yo’ city I made a check
Boy eat this pussy like he a vet
His name in my phone under Crazy Neck
Can’t fuck with me, I’m exclusive, bitch
If I let him hit, he gon’ lose his shit
You ain’t my nigga, so cool it, trick
Heard he got bricks, that’s a stupid lick
They know my name on Rodeo
Drop big bags, they call me Ms. Peso
Bitch, I’m the boss, I put you on payroll
Loving my sauce, they eat up this queso
I ain’t tryna be a nigga wife
Yeah, we could kick it, but only tonight
Bitch, I’m a dog ’cause this pussy bite
I turn a bitch from a freak to a dyke
Nigga, fuck ya name, where the cash at?
If them pieces hitting, I’ma drag that
All my niggas know me from Cash App
If you tryna cuff, gotta show me where the stash at
You bitches only should rap during Christmas
You bitches washing, I’m doing the dishes
Bitch, I’m a genie, I grant niggas wishes
If it’s a problem, I’m Currying bitches
I’m on they head, yeah, I’m worrying bitches
Real trigga happy, my finger been itching
You say you real, but the people say different
What side you on, why yo’ team keep switching?
Y’all writers be tough and you hoes just talking
All on my shit, yeah, you hoes is stalking
Baddest bitch out and these hoes is flocking
I caught it big, now these hoes is mocking
Look like a IG model, walk with a waddle
Body shaped like a Coke bottle
Pussy stay on full throttle, love it when I swallow
Pussy real tight like a swaddle
Fuck him and won’t even follow back
I don’t like niggas with strings attached
Big Renni, love when he call me that
Pussy too good, I can’t be no stat

Listen, talk like this
They love it when a real bitch talk like this
Make a ho mad how I pop my shit
Only real bitches gon’ rock with this
Talk like this, talk like this
They love it when a real bitch talk like this
Make a ho mad how I pop my shit
Only real bitches gon’ rock with this, talk like—

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