RiFF RAFF – Million Dollar Mullet (ft. Yelawolf & Ronny J) (Audio, Lyrics)

RiFF RAFF is here with “Million Dollar Mullet” featuring Yelawolf & Ronny J. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by Ronny J.

Riff Raff Million Dollar Mullet

Riff Raff Million Dollar Mullet

RiFF RAFF is one of the more colourful artists out there and whenever he drops a new song or project, his diehard fans most certainly pay attention. Recently, Jody High Roller himself came through with a brand new track called “Million Dollar Mullet” which features the likes of Yelawolf, as well as Ronny J on production.

These three work well together as Ronny J provides one of his signature heavy, 808-laced beats. The track begins with a long verse from RiFF RAFF who can’t help himself with the braggadocios lyrics. Yelawolf feeds off of this energy in the second half of the track, which ultimately leads to an energetic listening experience.

RiFF RAFF – Million Dollar Mullet (ft. Yelawolf & Ronny J) (prod. Ronny J)


(Oh, my God, Ronny)

[Verse 1: Riff Raff]
Million-dollar mullet, I’m talking Ted DiBiase
I’ma disappear and come back with eight watches
AP watches, watch this
Prada Paparazzi
I’ma live my life Miami Vice, Farrah Fawcett
I’ma sip lean
You gon’ tattle tale while I slide down Tidwell (uh)
I’ma shine blades like a chef
Conan the Barbarian style jewels on neck
It’s the white Wyclef, got a brick on my shelf
And I did it by myself, uh
Bitch you got a complaint? Leave it at the front desk
Shoot a three like Tony Delk
Yeah, my girl brought a girlfriend, made my heart melt
More diamond pointers than a Roosevelt elk, yeah
Mine’s crystal clean, your look like skimmed milk
Stop asking all them questions, you gon’ wrinkle up my silk, uh
I’m in Shanghai with the top down
Raspberry roger Clemens throwing 90 off the mound
Nolan Ryan Texas Rangers with the sunset hounds
Half a ticket on my neck every time I pop up
Instead of worrying about me you need to get your stocks up, yuh
I’ma three-wheel in a Dolce & Gabbana truck
Look into the mirror and then wipe down all the drama
You got another baby mama while I’m chasing a third comma
Still finding who I am, left hand hologram
Right hand, um, Fruity Pebbles Toucan Sam
Ronny J got the bass kicking, Jean-Claude Van Damme
Aventador hard top hit up Ken Dan Tony
All the way at West palm Lamb
Left hand hold two hundred grand, all cash, uh
Skrt up off the lot and I did the whole dash
Tip Toe to the cellar, the white Mayweather
40K yesterday but it’s gon’ get better, uh
Orange sapphires that look like sunsets, uh
I’m at Jewel Collect like Johnny quest

Collect call
From who?
Alanis Morissette
Why you ain’t been in more movies than Johnny Depp?

[Verse 2: Yelawolf]
Johnny deep, deep pockets, I done flipped so much cheese
Shoulda plotted Johnny rockets
Overqualified, overqualified, hold a lotta ties
In the streets, know a lotta guys, oh a lotta pride
[?] flexing on ’em like I had a rubber spine
Nipping at this bitch like y’all was rollerskating drunk and blind
Out my way, bitches flashing to us from the balcony
For you she’s a mouse, for me a rat, I leave her out my cave
‘Bout to say? Ain’t no ’bout to say, fuck what you ’bout to say
Me and that HighRoller Jody fuck what you about to say
Catfish, shoulda left me in the creek where you found me
Now you got that river-water on ya from my country county mud now
That’s the LSD hitting the petri dish
Must be ’cause they tripping on my [?]
Paint flying out that Krylon can up on the eastern bridge
[?] go back on me, read the list
Go back homie, hating on me, I’m too heavy for them kids
This ain’t nothing overnight except for me to do your bitch
Ain’t interested, bumblebee, interesting intellect
Infamous pinky ring, Slumerican everything
In the mix baller [?] player spin that kicking tune
Been up in that trunk with 808s since you was still in school
Billy who? Billy [?] Earnhardt, really Dale?
Wanna [?] motherfucker go pick up your meal
The mullet king, mullet king

Really though
Joe, Jody HighRoller
Fucking getting it
Fucking getting it

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