Skillibeng – 16CHOPPA (ft. Nardo Wick) (Audio, Lyrics, Video)


Jamaican dancehall act, Skillibeng unveils the music video for the Nardo Wick-featured “16CHOPPA” track produced by EastSyde Records. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the song, mp3 download.

Skillibeng 16choppa

Skillibeng 16choppa

Jamaican dancehall artist Skillibeng just recruited Nardo Wick for their single, “16CHOPPA.” If you’re unfamiliar with the 25-year-old, he’s one of the hottest names in dancehall right now, known for his creative fusions with hip-hop tropes. Moreover, this new track mixes tropical rhythms with trap-style drums and other production elements. What’s more is that the “Who Want Smoke?” MC matches Skillibeng’s energy and vocal tone with his guest verse. Overall, “16CHOPPA” is a fitting introduction to dancehall for hip-hop fans that are looking for somewhere to dive in. Still, the Jamaican artist is idiosyncratic and creative enough in his performance to give the track an authentic feel. While it might not be your cup of tea at first, this song’s melodies and hypnotic drum patterns will seep in your mind for some time.

Furthermore, a lot of that stickiness comes from Skillibeng’s unique vocal inflections on “16CHOPPA.” For example, throughout his verses and choruses, he keeps a consistently nasal tone, going from fast words to drawn-out syllables. For outsiders to this genre or culture, the “accent” might throw some people off, and the high pitch doesn’t help. However, if it does, it’s an indication of their still-burgeoning taste, not of Skillibeng’s lack of talent. In fact, his delivery on the track is charismatic and much more of a unique approach to the flexing, boastful, playboy-style bars we’re used to.

However, on that note, Nardo comes through with some pretty cheeky wordplay and entertaining descriptions in his verse. Moreover, his style and understated delivery fit well with “16CHOPPA”‘s production. The light and simple keys, subtly morphing bass, and incredibly sharp drum kit is a checklist the Wickman’s crossed off often. Let us know what you think of Nardo’s performance on Skillibeng’s “16CHOPPA,” and what you thought about the whole track. Also, if you haven’t heard the track yet, you can find it on your preferred streaming service. Don’t forget to check out some standout bars, and come back to HNHH for the best new music each week.

Skillibeng – 16CHOPPA (ft. Nardo Wick) (prod. EastSyde Records)

3 February 2023
1 Song, 3 minutes
℗ 2023 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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[Chorus: Skillibeng]
E-e-eastside choppa
Sixteen choppa, lung like Waka
With the pammer
Lights open up
Eating eating panwanan
Off again like [?]
Pussy face chaka

[Verse 1: Skillibeng]
Might bust up
Turbo, white skin
Blood clot
Left her hand
Water up her belly

Dead when we press him

Blood start spilling

[Bridge: Skillibeng]

[Interlude: Skillibeng]

[Verse 2: Nardo Wick]
Three, four, five choppas, six dead opps
Seven hoes in the room and they all gobble gobble
Try to set me up, blocka blocka blocka
Oh I said seven? Add four more blockas
Fifty more for the robbers, two for the drivers
How many shots did you hear? Never said a whole lotta
Big dog like Clifford, your bitch I dig her
The gun shoot fast ’cause it came with a swisha
Get smoked like swisha, a J, no Jigga
Put the gun to his head, watch his eyes get bigger
Stripes like Tigger, or Tony the Tiger
Put two holes in his neck, but I’m not a vampire

[Verse 3: Skillibeng]

[Chorus: Skillibeng]
Eastside choppa
Lung like waka

Lights open up
Eating panwanan

Pussy face chaka

[Outro: Skillibeng]

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