Tokyo Jetz – “YAK” (ft. Jackboy)

Tokyo Jetz is here with the Ant Chamberlain-produced “YAK” track featuring Jackboy. Listen, stream, watch the video, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download the song.

Tokyo Jetz Yak

Tokyo Jetz Yak

It’s a time of celebration for Tokyo Jetz and her Grand Hustle Camp. On Friday (March 19), the rapper released her latest album Cancel Culture, a name that seems to respond to her previous controversy that landed her in trouble with the public last year. After apologizing and moving forward, Tokyo hit the studio hard as she penned the 14 tracks that landed on the album including the Jackboy-assisted song “YAK.”

T.I. may have a bit of “cancel culture” on his heels at the moment, but he took a minute to express how proud he is of Tokyo Jetz completing and releasing her album. “Maaaaan my lil sis ain’t Buuull$**ttin’ wit y’all this year!!!” the Grand Hustle CEO wrote on Instagram. “Truly am Proud of you Lil sis…. you went there a lot and came a looong way to get where you are. Goes to show… Every storm runs out of rain. You stayed solid & endured. You deserve it ALL‼️”

Tokyo Jetz – YAK (ft. Jackboy) (prod. Ant Chamberlain)


I done ran up a lil bag on some rap s**t
Strapped like a dike and you know I’ll eat a rap b**ch
Say f**k a n**ga two times, rest In Peace to 23
Don’t trust none of these b**ches
Kicked her out she call me Bruce Lee

Yo main n**ga favorite rapper favorite trapper in my DMs
He keep tryna take me shopping bae
I’m booked up thru the weekends
Richer then whoever p**sy n**ga so it depends
On wat you bring to this table cuz I’m eating

No problem woke ’em up hatin
H*es was tryna sleep in
Say she ain’t heard of Tok b**ch
I be all up in yo recents
Vibin’, with the real
I just be vibin’ with my n**gas
He gone step when he be sober
U need molly and some liquor

Hit my phone I’ma 3 way every call, n**ga hello
Josh living kinda reckless still got it for the LO
Small b**ch but I’m well respected where I be at
Still Paranoid so I keep cameras where I sleep at

Rap n**gas they be f**in’ flaugin like they G
That’s why they made so sidewalks get out the streets
How she pretty she be talking like she gangsta cuz I’m on nat
Ex steady calling boy you ain’t gone get yo h*e back
Harder then whoever boy you already know dat
B**ch I’m from Florida I be vibin’ like I’m Kodak

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