Westside Boogie – Joe Exotic Freestyle (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Westside Boogie returns with the “Joe Exotic” Freestyle song. Watch the video, listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the freestyle.

Westside Boogie Joe Exotic Freestyle

Westside Boogie Joe Exotic Freestyle

Tempting though it may be to declare Westside Boogie season officially underway, in all honesty, it still feels premature to make the call. Though the Shady Records-signed Compton emcee was lucky enough to escape captivity, during which he penned the lyrics of his latest single “Outside” and tapped Joey Bada$$ for an assist, there remains little to no official word on his follow-up to 2019’s Everything’s For Sale. Still, that’s not to say Boogie isn’t being generous, having recently come through with the brief but lyrically-sharp “Joe Exotic Freestyle.”

Taking to a bouncy 808-driven banger, Boogie swings back to his west coast roots as he kicks a cocky flow. “No that ain’t yo man you just using him for props, no you ain’t at war with yo imaginary opps,” he warns with a shake of the head. “Told a n***a who I am, all that trolling on the Gram / strip a n***a of his pride, make him start an Onlyfans.” Though he doesn’t always attack records with such reckless swagger, it’s certainly refreshing to see Westside Boogie embracing his namesake and getting back into his bar-spitting bag.

Westside Boogie – Joe Exotic Freestyle


Stack that bitch up, Mike, hm
Put it on me (Ooh)

Yo, I think I gotta give the cap, God, somethin’, mm
I bought a Zip’ and then got taxed five hunnid, uh
I hit my ex, I feel the backslide comin’
Told myself, “This be my last time fuckin'” (Last time)
I could make a hunnid just from sellin’ crewnecks
I’m a Campanella nigga but I love the blue checks, uh
Crying ’bout the bitch in a fuckin’ groupchat
Ol’ clingy ass nigga still ain’t let her loose yet, uh
That’s how niggas be a lot
I be by myself because I tend to overthink a lot
Probably why I drink a lot
No, that ain’t your man, you just usin’ him for props, uh
No, you ain’t at war with your imaginary opps
Told a nigga who I am, all that trolling on the ‘Gram
Strip a nigga of his pride, make him start an OnlyFans
Uh, yo-yo
I can’t be out here holdin’ hands, can’t be puttin’ bitches on
I can never fold again, oh my God
Think it’s time, I feel a backslide comin’, uh
I hit my ex ‘ccause I think tax time comin’, uh
I fed the family in the red five hunnid…

Alright, nigga, that it

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