Westside Gunn – “The Fly who couldn’t Fly straight” (ft. Tyler, The Creator) [Audio, Lyrics]

Westside Gunn unveils a new track, “The Fly who couldn’t Fly Straight” featuring Tyler, The Creator. Stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download the song.

Westside Gunn The Fly Who Couldn't Fly Straight

Westside Gunn The Fly Who Couldn’t Fly Straight

Throughout the year, it was Benny The Butcher and Conway who’ve been holding it down for the Griselda camp. Westside Gunn has leaned deeper into his position as an executive but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t cooking up. Along with a few guest verses this year, including on Kanye’s DONDA, the rapper finally came through last month with Hitler Wears Hermes 8. Now, he’s returned with Side B, boasting another 20 songs of raw and gutter bars.

One thing about Westside Gunn is that he’s proven to be an excellent curator and A&R, whether it’s his own solo projects or other Griselda artists. On “The Fly who couldn’t Fly straight,” he connects with Tyler, The Creator for the second time on wax over Sadhu Gold’s soulful production. Tyler flexes his sharp penmanship, just as he did on Call Me If You Get Lost. Westside leaps into the second verse with high-fashion bars, claiming that he bears similarities to Sally Jessy Raphaël in his red lindell specs.

Westside Gunn – The Fly who couldn’t Fly straight (ft. Tyler, The Creator) (prod. Sadhugold)


[Intro: Tyler, The Creator]
Yo, Gunn, I’ma, I’ma just, I’ma just fuck around

[Verse 1: Tyler, The Creator]
I got soul, niggas ain’t gon’ hide
Think you that big stepper, fuck around, get your ankles tied
I’m hot, boy, I’m from the depths of Hell where you can’t survive
A cold day feel like a good oven when bakin’ pies
I’m in that bitch chillin’ like I sang about you were mine, you got it bad
You ain’t gotta call me or hit my line, just (Brrr, hello?)
The doc said I need tranquilizer, new .40 got some mushroom, and psilocybin, how you doin’? (Bitch)
Bunny hop off me when the money stop and check the ring
See the blue moon like some runnin’ cops
Check the doors, doors butterfly like when tummy drops
T with that Westside Gunn, you get ya’ momma pop (FLYGOD)

[Verse 2: Westside Gunn]
All red lindell specs
Lookin’ like Sally Jessy Raphaël in the stretch Corvette (Skrrt)
Peace love (Peace love), ayo, posin’ with the AK (Brr)
My shooter in nueve
Yé Dominique, goin’ twenty years vacay (Ah)
I been on my own dick, fuck whatever they say (They say)
Icon, legend, master my perfection, he’s killin’ shit effortless
God-level flow, leather trench on Vetements (Ah)
For fiends, Supreme Pyrexs for measurements, devilish
Thousand round drum, fun, your head’ll spin (Doot, doot, doot)
Exorcist, treacherous

[Verse 3: Tyler, The Creator]
If I was on that, niggas get slimed out
Like egg yolk, I got some contacts that take your eyes out (Ayo)
I don’t play, that boy on timeout, the Cartier crash
I blew the tires out then hopped out (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
Like Leapfrog, baby, I’m out my mind now
Got too much paper, went overtime, and I ain’t sign out
I’m that boy, if you need proof, press the rewind now
Or go get a map, go get lost nigga and find out, I’m out here

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