Communication is key to effective leadership – Toastmasters’ President

Mr Mohammed Sulaiman, , Topaz Club, Abuja, has reiterated the need for every leader to possess good skills.

Sulaiman told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that with good communication skills, leaders and people in power would better express themselves and effectively achieve their purpose.

He said the aim of the club was to empower leaders to be better communicators, adding that it was open to all at no cost.

He enjoined well meaning Nigerians to identify with and join the club to enjoy its benefits.

“I say to everyone out there who wants to be a leader, who wants to be more effective as a communicator to join Toastmasters,” Suleiman said.

The immediate past Division Director of the Club, Mr Sonye Allanah, said the club is a leadership and communication platform that help people become better communicators, speakers and leaders.

Mrs Ime Enang, Past President of the club said aside the training in leadership skills, the club had a way of ensuring feedback mechanism.

Enang said: “Toastmaster has a way of giving feedback; you comment, recommend and then you commend again.

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“It is structured to ensure a person lives with a positive feeling and feel motivated by the feedback they get.

“So aside developing ones public speaking skills, what stands out for me the most is the ability to give feedback constructively and in a way that motivates one to do more.”

Some other members who shared their experiences with NAN also restated the importance for every Nigerian to be a Toastmaster.

Earlier, Mr Soji Adeniyi, while moderating the club’s bi-weekly meeting, said the club had produced outstanding leaders who built their confidence from what they learnt from the club.

Adeniyi said the club helped it members improve on their public speaking skills and to think on their feet.

He said: “We learn how to be confident in speaking. How to speak publicly and how to overcome the fear of speaking in public places.”

NAN reports thatToastmasters International is a US headquartered nonprofit educational organisation that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of promoting communication and public speaking skills.

Great leaders/Orators such as president Obama, president Bush and late Steve Jobs developed public speaking skills from the clubs.

The club helps its members to discover their speaking skills, develop self confidence, speak effectively and develop leadership abilities among other benefits.


(By Lucy Ogalue – NAN)

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