How My Parents reacted when I told them I was going to be a Musician professionally – Day-G

Date 2022-05-08

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So, there’s this notion about how a parent’s involvement in their children’s lives promotes inner growth and strength. Belonging to a family where an individual needs comes first is of huge advantage to any child in any field whether it is being a doctor, lawyer, banker or in this case musician.A lot of Nigerian artists like Davido, Wizkid have mentioned how their parents reacted to them diving into music.


In Nigeria, before the expansion of the music sector to what it is today, many parents are of the opinion that their children should either be a Doctor or a Lawyer. Is the case of Day-G different?


Catching up with the “Excuse me” coroner in an Instagram Live, had this to say about his parents stance “My case is very much different from that of Davido and Wizkid because my father is a strong supporter of my path as long as I stay in school lol”


He is on the scene to show people what it means to be an artist. His music is on every major platform and is building up a greater fanbase for people to connect and reconnect with. Make no mistake with the American and Nigerian blood in him, Day-G will be a worldwide artist.

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