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I create spaces for younger ones to fulfill their dreams – Tosin Opaleke

The Chief Creative Officer of an advertising agency, Carnelian Stone Enterprises (CS Media NG), Mr Tosin Opaleke, has said that he was using his platform to create space for younger people to fulfil their dreams.

Opaleke added that his two biggest sources of innovation are his audacious mind and the drive to create opportunities, not only for himself but for those who will later enter the creative industry.

Speaking to newsmen, he said: “I am my truest motivator. Oftentimes, I sit myself down and think ahead and tell myself that I can get something done and actually go for it and get it. Another driving force for me is being able to create spaces that give young people access to their dreams and aspirations.”

He stated that the International Creative Conference hosted in Ilorin in 2021 was for young people going into the creative industry, and inspiring them to know that there is a place for them wherever their dreams may be.

Okpaleke informed that he founded CS Media NG when he was 23 years, to oversee the relationships between the agency and her corporate and individual clients both at home and abroad while working with his team to develop creative communication strategies, marketing and social media campaigns that highlight the value each brand has to offer their target customers.

He pointed out that his daily activities consist of meeting with clients, approving creative campaigns, activating experiences, mentoring, learning new trends, building relationships between brands and customers, and sharing ideas cross-functionally with the various teams within his organization.

He said: “The best part of this job for me is creating value for people and watching my team’s work bringing our clients good ROIs. Asides from travelling, I also enjoy getting to meet new people and learning about their experiences in business as there is always something new to learn and a new feat to aim at every day in the creative industry.”

Additionally, the media guru is a big advocate for young people taking seats in professional spaces and being a voice within those industries. He is of the opinion that “the older generation didn’t get there by chance, they worked their way up and they are getting old so we can fit in. Yes, they are getting old so you and I can have a seat at the table. Representation matters.”

He said that when he first started his agency, he was not fearful of not being taken seriously because he was young but rather saw it as a superpower.

Tosin further said “When young people see me, I want them to see themselves, to know that they matter, that their dreams are valid and that their voices can be heard if they are bold enough to speak. Young people bring unique perspectives to everything, and we will be here the longest so we need to take up space and shape the world the way we want it to be for us.”

It is appropriate to say that Tosin Opaleke defines inspiring change as believing in oneself and the power that his voice has.

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