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Monster! See what an evil burglar did to an 82 year old woman

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An evil burglar left a pensioner with horror injuries after threatening her with torture if she didn’t hand over money.


Terrified widow Jean Young, 82, was left with cuts and bruises after the heartless thief barged his way into her home and attacked her. The scum burglar stole just £5 and also dragged Jean around the house during the shocking attack.


According to the UK Sun, Jean had been home alone at the house in Newcastle where she’s lived for 40 years when she the burglar knocked on her door at around 10.45am on Wednesday.


Jean’s son Steve rushed to his mum’s aid after she raised the alarm and was shocked when he saw her battered face.

He said:

“He was screaming, ‘Where’s the money, where’s the money? Give me the money’.
“He threatened to tie her up and torture her. He found her purse and took a few quid – there was nothing of value in her purse.”


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