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Introducing: Oduwa Ico, A Revolutionized Blockchain Insurance

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Introducing: Oduwa Ico, A Revolutionized Blockchain Insurance

Oduwa Coin-
The world's first trading & exchange platform that protects investors portfolio against volatility. For the first time, you can Insure your investment against depreciation! Oduwa will guarantee coins like BTC , ETH , LTC and more against all market volatility in our Exchange . Oduwa is the 1st CRYPTOCURRENCY DEVELOPED FOR INSURING

1. ODUWA tokens will be tradable on various notable exchanges around world
2. ODUWA is the exchange, you can trade ODUWA coin on our exchange with no fees
3. Added protection for your ODUWA portfolio against volatility
4. Easy liquidation with ODUWAPAY debit card.
5. No Inflation
The total supply of ODUWA Coin will only be 21. Million ODUWA COINS worldwide

Charles Anchang
Oduwa Blockchain Solutions Ltd
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