KSU Students Cry Out For Help As Vigilantes & The Police Keep Harassing & Arresting Them


Kogi State University students residing at the NTA community which is located right behind the school, cries out for help as police officers and vigilantes have been harassing and arresting students with excuses of them walking late at night.

According to the group of students who spoke with our correspondent,

“- The Vigilantes who are supposed to guard the students are instead, putting fear in them.

– They start shooting their guns as early as 7:30 – 8:00 pm hereby, scaring students into hiding.
And arrest or punish students who are caught within this time.

The group of students gave an example of one of them who was arrested on his way home from class (where he went to read) holding a nylon of bean cake (popularly known as Akara).


They continued with their complain, telling us how the police are not helping matters.

“The police make things worse. They start their own arrests from 9pm.

Students who are caught walking around at this time are arrested and must be bailed with an amount ranging from “30-50 thousand naira” (more than the amount students pay as school fees).

– Students are not even allowed to sit outside their lodge at this time.

The police chase them around like thieves, and assault them before taking them to the station”

The students are pleading to the government to come to their immediate aid, as things are really getting out of hands.

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