Lies Behind Rahama Indimi’s Petition




1. Muhammad took the family on holiday for Christmas in dubai.when they got back ,he left them in abuja. She refused to return the kids to continue school after the holidays. He found ways to bring her and the kids to settle for school.
2. While in the house a settlement was reached where money and other gifts where given.
3. She was still his wife only in may 2016 she got her second divorce on her instance .
4. The kids where sent to her after school finished in july with understanding of parents and as the time to return them approached she blackmailed him with the audio release in July. Parents got involved but still she refused.
5. Police got involved when rahama left for hajj leaving the children with zarah who claimed not to know where the children are ………
In the petition also where Rahama accused Mohammad of luring her to minna was all fabricated.
In the same vain, Rahama posted on the 8th of November that Mohammad sent goons or thugs to kidnap his own children in school only for her to mention in her petition that two policemen where involved & moreover the CP of FCT has visited their family house before to assure them of protection. And since the case for custody of the children has been in court since June, We expect Rahama to obey statuo quo pending the outcome of the case.

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