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How I slept with eight men at a time – Nigerian Girl

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Deutsche Welle has made investigation into how the Nigerian girls became S3x slave in Russia.


Blessing Osakwe has met a woman in her hometown in the south of Nigeria, who told her that there was work for young lady in Russia. Osakwe was promised to receive a job in a supermarket, and that it would take her only five or six months to earn the money to repay the costs of the visa and the trip.

The woman said that after paying back the $40,000, the girl could keep all the money she made. Nigerian girl said her parents are very poor and that the idea of going to Russia to assist her family and to save money for her education appealed to her and she accepted the proposition.

While girl arrived to Russia Osakwe discovered everything the woman had said was a lie. Instead of the supermarket job, she was forced to work as a Pr0stitute.

Osakwe was driven around Moscow to have S3x with men. Once, the girl was taken to a flat where one man was seemingly waiting for her.

However, later she discovered that there were eight men. The girl was made to sleep with all of them, but rejected to have S3x without a Cond0m. The men took back the money they had paid and beat and battered her, threw her from the fourth floor of the building.

Osakwe broke her hip when she hit the ground; he now cannot walk properly and is confined to a wheelchair.

Kenny Kehinde, who works with several Moscow NGOs focused on preventing human trafficking, said that around 2,000-3,000 Nigerian girls – many from poor, remote villages – are brought to Russia every year for S3x work.

“This is international modern-day slavery, where the girls are brought here with the help of some Russian government officials, some Nigerian authorities and so-called ‘madams’ [pimps] who exploit these girls for S3x in Russia,” he said.

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