Notorious Fraudster who Scammed for a Living gets Arrested

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Yomi Akintomide is a career fraudster. (Juliana Francis Blog)
Yomi Akintomide is a career fraudster. (Juliana Francis Blog)

The Lagos State Police has arrested one Yomi Akintomide, a 45-year-old man who has been in the scamming trade for several years and sees it as a career.

The father of five who has been described as a serial fraudster, was arrested by the police at the Oke-Odo Police Station, Abule-Egba area of the state.

According to the police, Akintomide’s modus operandi involved seeking out unsuspecting artisans, sell them a dummy about a company or a contractor willing to buy their products in bulk.

He would then collect the items and mobilization money from the victims and disappear into thin air.

But nemesis finally caught with him when a shoe cobbler he duped managed to trace him and get him arrested by the police.

Akintomide had reportedly approached and told the cobbler that a factory needed hundreds of shoe soles, telling the cobbler that he had been asked to qu!ckly supply the soles.

He however told the victim that he needed receipt and invoice before he could buy the product.

The cobbler didn’t know how to go about procuring such items and he gave the suspect some money to assist him get those items for him and the man disappeared.

The cobbler found him three months later in a tailor’s shop. Akintomide was just explaining to the tailor that he needed bulk tops, to supply to a client.

He allegedly told the tailor that for him to buy those many clothing, he would need receipt and invoice from the man.

The suspect and the tailor was still discussing the receipt and invoice issues when the cobbler came to visit his friend, who incidentally happened to be the tailor. The cobbler immediately recognised   Akintomide.

But Akintomide denied being a fraudster during interrogation:

“I’m not a fraudster. Yes, I collected money from the shoe maker. Yes, it was three months. But I’m ready to pay him the money now.”

But he was silent on the transaction that led to him collecting the money from the cobbler or the company he represented.

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