Ooni Of Ife Denies Worshipping Idols As He Celebrates Ora Ife

yesterday Tuesday October 25th celebrated (Sango – Yoruba diety of thunder and fire) festival .


Ooni says that he is not an idol worshipper, but he gives honour and adoration to nature all the way cos they are messengers of God Almighty.

Read the facts below from him yesterday during Ora Ife festival in ife…

Some facts about the Ora Ife Diety

— Ora Ife and Sango are the same diety in one.  Ora Ife gave birth to the name Sango ( Yoruba Diety of thunder and fire).

— Ora Ife diety was the sole custodian and controller of Dragon birds several centuries ago that has now gone into extinction. They were called Eye Oranfe in Yorubaland.

—- Oranfe and Oya diety (wind diety) work hand in hand like male and female version as messengers of God Almighty till date.

—- Ora Ife(Sango)ascended to the world with other dieties from Ora or Ara mountains during world creation by God and when God destroyed the world the new world started from the mountains too. It’s in the religious books.

—- Ark of Noah is till date located within Ara mountains.  The world will soon know the truth about this as it is still there till date.

—  We are no idol worshipers but we are giving honour to God’s creation – Nature, in which nobody can do without. Our ancestors used those powers negatively but the western world saw the positive sides of all our God given dieties and used them to develop a lot of innovation they are selling back to us till date.

— The day the black people start to see the positive sides of all the gift of God regarding our culture, tradition and our rich heritage, that’s the day we will be liberated as the head.

—  Who in this world can survive without basic nature –  Water, mother earth, air, fire, plants and animals. These are all the wonders of God our heritage, culture and tradition regard so highly…

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