Stunning Photos of Ogun Worshipper Standing on Fire & More

( diety of and ) festival was celebrated yesterday Tuesday October 25th.


Read the facts about the Ora Ife Diety

— Ora Ife and Sango are the same diety in one.  Ora Ife gave birth to the name Sango ( Yoruba Diety of thunder and fire).

— Ora Ife diety was the sole custodian and controller of Dragon birds several centuries ago that has now gone into extinction. They were called Eye Oranfe in Yorubaland.

—- Oranfe and Oya diety (wind diety) work hand in hand like male and female version as messengers of God Almighty till date.

—- Ora Ife(Sango)ascended to the world with other dieties from Ora or Ara mountains during world creation by God and when God destroyed the world the new world started from the mountains too. It’s in the religious books.

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