Woman dies After fight with Her Husband

A man has beaten his wife over his own infidelity. (Getty)
A man has beaten his wife over his own infidelity. (Getty)

The rural Umuagbadagwo community in Ikwuano Obodoukwu, Ideato North local government area, was thrown into total confusion when a married , Emilia Ebedo, was reportedlybeaten to death by her over a disagreement that had to do with her refusal to have se.x with due to his infidelity.

It was gathered that the 50-year-old husband allegedly beat his wife so bad that she bled profusely and was pronounced dead when she was rushed to a hospital in the area.

Residents who gathered in groups discussing the tragedy, disclosed that the six-year-old marriage between the deceased and her husband never knew peace from day one following the alleged se.xual excapades of the man with other women.

It was when the woman could not take it any longer that she insisted that her husband must go for a test before she would sleep with him for fear of being infected with a se.xually transmitted disease.

Another reason gathered was that the late woman, a well to do business woman, was tired of giving money to her husband because he only spent her money on other women.

It was also gathered that the position of the deceased on the two issues did not go down well with her husband and he must have beaten her because of them.

Another villager claimed that the deceased single-handedly built the house the couple lived in and wondered why the quarrel should degenerate to the point of spilling blood.

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